Monday, December 05, 2005

Stockwell Shooting Inquiry - There is another way

So, in true New Labour fashion, little snippets about the Stockwell Shooting inquiry, a blend of truth and distractions, are gradually being leaked to the press; most recently an article in today’s Independent (if they’ve archived it and ask you to pay to open it don’t bother, it’s bollocks).

Under the banner of supposedly revealing the ‘shocking truth’ about the incident, the article deftly skirts around such intriguing questions as

  • what really happened to the CCTV footage? Outside the victims flat? At the station?
  • what’s the deal with the supposed eye witness accounts that talked about ‘bulky jackets’ and ‘protruding wires’? Where did the police think the man they were shooting in the face had concealed his supposed bomb?
  • why did armed men chase the train driver down a tunnel and shove a gun in his face? What was said?
  • why the fuck did the police permit a supposedly suspect suicide bomber to get into the tube system in the first place?

and so on

Many bloggers have gone over this ground already. I’m only posting on this subject because I’ve just had a blinding idea about how to find out what really happened

The article in the Independent suggests that the IPCC may need as much as a year to study the evidence and reach a definitive conclusion. The separate investigation into why Ian Blair, the head of the Met, lied through his teeth that day could presumably last an equal length of time.

Here’s my idea

Take Ian Blair, the policemen who shot Jean Charles de Menezes and their commanding officer, put them on an unmarked MI6-chartered passenger plane, fly them to some Third World dictatorship and torture the crap out of them for six months

Apparently it’s a proven system.

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Frank O'Dwyer said...

Indeed. Or if that upsets some namby-pambies out there, then simply imprison them for 180 days while the evidence is gathered.

Daniel said...

Absolutely! ;)

The whole tragic incident stinks...

jackenstein of all trades said...

I love your idea Stef it totally rules, but forget "an unmarked MI6-chartered passenger plane" that may take a while what w/all the red tape and wotnot, how's about we all chip in and get em' a flight on ryan air or something.

(catch u down the pub later hopefully)

Stef said...

@jackenstein - pub mission accomplished - tick