Thursday, May 19, 2005

I don't care if he's slime - I want George Galloway's babies

So here I am sitting at my PC…

It’s 5.30am

I went out for a curry last night with a couple of guys I used to work with. They fed me beer and spicy food whilst I outlined how I would strike down those who had wronged me in the past, all at the same time, Godfather style.

It was a damn fine evening.

But here I am at this ungodly hour quite unable to sleep. It’s not that the curry damaged me per se, I’m far too hard for that, but I can still feel its fire in my stomach and in my limbs. It is as if my very arms are coursing with lava. I can’t sleep. Maybe I’m a superhero. Curry Man! A house special jhalfrezi and lager powered force for good in an increasingly troubled world. That would be fun. Mind you, I'm a bit old to be finding out stuff like that these days.

We partook of our meal at our usual haunt; the Ravi Kebab on Drummond Street near Euston Station, the thinking man’s Brick Lane. With all of the rich curry flavour you’ve come to expect but with none of the pissed-up City workers and too cool for school trendies that so blight Brick Lane

Drummond Street is also less exclusively Muslim than Brick Lane and features a smattering of Hindu style vegetarian restaurants, side by side with places offering meatier, more Islamic, fare. It all seems to tick along well enough with few, if any, border disputes and little or no talk of nuclear exchanges between opposing restaurants. Sadly, Drummond Street offers little opportunity to use that Sunni and Shia joke I’ve been working on lately…

And naturally, given our location, the subject of the Official Opposition to the Labour Government came up in conversation.

Yes, George Galloway MP

At the last count he was outnumbered by something like 645 to 1

There’s a film in his story somewhere and Schwarzenegger surely is the man to play George. If only he wasn’t a State Governor … or a Republican...

‘Arnold Schwarzenegger IS George Galloway. They deposed his friends in an illegal war. They tried to frame him for a crime he did not commit. Now he’s heading to Washington and he’s looking for payback’

‘I’m coming fer yer Tonee Blairrr but furst I’m gunna chin those wankers in America and then I gunna take yer down yer blood stained wee bustard.’

George is clearly trying to achieve what no British act has managed since the Beatles and Sheena Easton. He’s trying to crack the lucrative, but difficult, American market. Many have tried, from Oasis to Robbie Williams, and only time will tell if George has the necessary star potential. He’s started off well though.

When George was elected pretty much every politician and media pundit wrote him off as a self-serving creep who would fail to represent his constituents. Barely a couple of weeks after being elected he’s sitting in Washington calling the American administration a bunch of lying, corrupt, murderous scum on national television.

Part Exodus, part A Team, you could almost hear George saying to himself ‘I love it when a plan comes together’ as he lit his enormous celebratory Havana cigar afterwards.

And rightly so. The US Investigation into the ‘Oil for Food Scandal’ is a shameless attempt to demonstrate that everyone who stood against the Iraq War; the UN, the French, the Russians, Galloway, did so to line their pockets. The conclusion of the investigation will be ‘The US was forced to go to war because these people broke the sanctions. Therefore the War and the death that went with it is their direct fault’. That’s the plan and kudos to George for peeing in their pool.

It is a very big pool though.

You really do have to laugh at the quality of the forgery that supposedly implicates George in the Oil for Food scandal…

What the f*ck is that? My two year old niece could do better with a pair of plastic scissors and some paper glue. They’ve got to be kidding…

Not only are our intelligence services too stupid to actually plant some WMDs in Iraq, they're employing irredeemable retards in their forgery sections. Forget about morality for one moment, there's a very serious value for money issue here.

I genuinely don’t care if Galloway is a self-serving slimeball. He’s the only person saying what needs to be said, out loud and in the plain. As well as being the right thing to say it’s also damned fine sport to watch. I want more. Lots more.

I would hazard to guess that the majority of his constituents are well-impressed with George’s progress to date.

Let’s not f*ck about here, both the American and British governments ARE pursuing an anti-Muslim agenda. All this talk about our governments only targeting a few bad apples is bullshit. It’s a Crusade and Dubwa has used that term on more than one occasion.

It’s a partly a Crusade for oil but also an attack on religion. An attack on religion that should worry us all greatly, believers and non-believers. But I’ll leave that for another post.

In the meantime I’ve got an mp3 of selected George highlights on my player and I might even get round to jazzing it up a bit with some remixing and a backing track at some point…

‘Proven fact, mother of all smokescreens, contrary to your claims, contrary to your claims, on a pack of lies, lies, lies, lies’

Yeah baby


Envoy said...

I saw some of the footage on the BBC news broadcast over here and I was pretty much thinking the same thing. It was even more delicious irony since the person who was getting reamed out was the senator from *my* part of the world and whom I have a particular dislike for.

I really am going to have to find you and buy you a pint once I get over there.

Stef said...

Would that be the very fragrant Norm Coleman? He's a slimy so and so isn't he? I've always preferred Gary myself.

Re. buying me a beer. A most laudable sentiment. However, as with meeting people you've only ever dealt with on the telephone, you'd probably be disappointed, or scared ;-)