Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Common Enemy

Further to my previous post about Islamo-Fascist Awareness week and the traditional anti-Muslim knees up being planned in London on 26th October…

One of the reasons why the organisers of the demonstration selected the 26th was to coincide with a rally calling for a referendum of the proposed EU treaty/ Constitution the following day

The implication being that they anticipate a large overlap of those against further EU integration and those who believe that Muslims are taking over the country

Because, as everyone knows, the EU is completely controlled by militant jihadists

Over the weekend, someone very thoughtfully sent me a link to a two hour long film on google video of someone in a church hall making a presentation about how the EU is attacking UK society from within via an entity called ‘Common Purpose’...

Common Purpose is a peculiar wee organisation which provides what it calls 'leadership-training' courses to select individuals within the private and public sector. It also offers
extensive networking opportunities to its ‘Graduates’ after their training.

From what little I’ve been able to pick up from the bland yet creepy Common Purpose website and other little snippets I’ve encountered here and there, Common Purpose gives off a vibe of some kind of cross between Scientology, EST therapy,
the Stepford Bureaucrats and the Masons

Leadership Training selection process...

Which I would, under other circumstances, find amusing, except for the fact that literally thousands of people from the police, the armed services, the education service, local government, national government, the NHS, and the prison service have all been subject to Common Purpose indoctrination at public expense

And yet hardly anyone has heard of Common Purpose

Common Purpose is also, by its own admission, actively selecting children it judges most likely to be future leaders and giving them a spot of training too

Well, that’s not sinister at all

Common Purpose is part of a much wider malaise and a component of an interlocked network of dodgy think tanks, quangos, lobby groups, and consultancies, populated by the kind of bloodless, sociopathic droids who now dominate our political parties and public sector. I don’t know whether they were born or made but they’re a bunch of fuckers wherever they came from.

Now the problem with the video about Common Purpose I was given the link to and have, in turn, pasted into this post is that the person making the presentation and the people watching it are just a teensy weensy bit, er, reactionary

OK, make that extremely reactionary

Which means that even though quite a lot of decent and informative research is contained within the presentation the conclusions that people in the film draw from that research are shaped by some pretty ropey world views

And this, for me, is the tricky thing. When presented with evidence of the existence of murky, unaccountable and powerful organisations exercising malign influence on our lives, independent Right Wing thinkers will start talking about Marxist conspiracies. Yet, when presented with exactly the same evidence, independent Left Wing thinkers will start talking about Fascist conspiracies

My own take is that Left and Right Wing independent thinkers are hampered by their existing terminology and are therefore both wrong. But, in a way, they’re both correct and they could achieve much if they would look past their differences and realise that they have a Common Enemy in organisations such as Common Purpose and, more to the point, the elitist bastards behind them. If those bastards win we're all fucked - Left and Right Wing alike


PS As an aside, the last time I posted about Common Purpose, and the equally creepy Tavistock Institute, was back in May. The thread of comments underneath that post catalysed the creation of the Conspiraloon Alliance which is destined to one day eat Common Purpose for breakfast and ask for seconds, MuahahahHAAAAA!!!

PPS Conspiraloon Thought for the Day (courtesy of JD)...

"both the left wing and the right wing are flapped by - and attached to - the same bird, which unfortunately continues to fly on its chosen course - and we continue to blame its flight upon one of the wings, when blame should be apportioned to a limited degree to both wings, and in particular to the supporting frame to which they are secured, and without which neither would exist"



Rory Winter said...

Hmm. I personally wouldn't trust anyone from the Freedom Association such as the main speaker in our meeting of Europhobes.

Let's not forget that it was the Freedom Association that was behind Eddy Shah who played a major role during the Thatcher dictatorship in destroying Britain's Trades unions.

These old fogies on the video are, in my opinion, just anti-European Little Englanders.

Common Purpose has nothing to do with the SIOE who have more in common with these old fogies, I would think.

Stef said...

No disagreement with any of that from me and there are plenty of occasions in that video that make me wince uncomfortably


These Little Englanders are the only guys talking about Common Purpose - an organisation that frankly gives me the creeps

Is anyone on the Left paying attention to CP?

Stef said...

... If you sit through the video - round about 1hr 29min the speaker talks about how he has made a similar presentation at the Central Mosque in Birmingham where he stated his opinion that Muslims are now being set up to be demonised in the same way that Jews and Communists were in the 1930s

which I personally agree with

What I find fascinating is how someone can claim to hold that opinion whilst at the same time pitching to what is clearly a very reactionary, SIOE friendly crowd

what I am trying to get at, however imperfectly, is that there are people on the 'right' and the 'left' who perceive that something more than the accepted Left vs.Right political paradigm is at work

that would be the politics of the tiny elitist minority vs. the majority

and one of the triumphs of that minority is that anyone who even talks about its influence will almost invariably be labeled as some kind of crackpot

Rory Winter said...

I know that the 'Campaign for an Independent Britain' types have bent the ear of Dr Mohammed Nafeez, Chairman of the Birmingham Mosque so I suspect what they are trying to do through him is to enlist Muslim support.

I'm pretty sure that that is what is behind their political game.

I, personally, wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole. Sure, Common Purpose warrants investigating and so do these nutters.

Stef said...

/ tears up membership application

Stef said...

/ kidding

Stef said...

I doubt that these Independent Britain types are all that influential but they do represent the tip of an iceberg of people with less extreme but broadly similar views

and the views of that larger group are nurtured and shaped by disinformation put out by the mainstream media and politicians

what I am most interested in understanding is just how coordinated this opinion shaping process is and how significant outfits like CP really are

because I most certainly agree with you that there's a serious risk that at some point down the line much larger numbers of people might be mobilised (fooled) into supporting a truly heinous system of government

Wolfie said...

Whoever they are, they seem to have a canny ability to be all things to all men and considering how impossible that is my suspicion is aroused. Mind you, they do show all the hallmarks of a sideshow. I'm sceptical they are worth losing sleep over - for now.

Stef said...

A partial list of Common Purpose UK clientele someone else has put together...

ABL LTD, BRADFORD = Carlisle Business Centre!!
Admiral Insurance Services Ltd
American Express, Brighton
ARRIVA, Head Office
ARRIVA, Leeds City Station
Arts Council England, North-West, Manchester
Astra Zeneca UK Limited, Macclesfield
Astron, Edinburgh
Aylesford Newsprint Ltd, Aylesford
BAE Systems, Rochester
Baillie Gifford & Co, Edinburgh
Baker Tilly, Milton Keynes
Barnsley College, Barnsley
Barnsley Hospice, Barnsley
BASF Plc, Middlesbrough
Bayer CropScience, Norwich
Begbroke Science Park, University of Oxford, Yarnton
British Petroleum, Grangemouth
Brighton & Hove City Council, Hove - King's House
Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership, Brighton
BSkyB, Dunfermline
BT Scotland, Edinburgh - Alexander Graham Bell House
BUPA Ireland, Dublin
Business Link, North & Western Lancashire
Cairn Energy Plc, Edinburgh
Campsmount School, Doncaster
Cardiff City AFC, Cardiff
Cathays High School, Cardiff
ChamberLink Ltd, Manchester
Chapel Royal , Brighton
Cherwell School, Oxford
City and County of Cardiff, Cardiff - County Hall
City College Coventry, Butts Centre
Clackmannanshire Council, Alloa
Cork Prison, Cork
Coventry Evening Telegraph, Coventry
Darton High School, Barnsley
Department for Education and Skills, Darlington
Derby College, Derby
Dewsbury Health Care NHS Trust, Dewsbury & District Hospital
Diageo plc, Dublin
Diageo plc, Leven - Banbeath Industrial Estate
Diamond Corrugated Cases Ltd, Londonderry
Donnington Valley Hotel, Newbury
Dover Harbour Board, Dover
Dublin Bus, Dublin
EON UK plc, Coventry
Egg, Derby
EMI Records Group UK and Ireland, London
English Institute of Sport Sheffield, Sheffield
Eversheds, Cardiff
Fife College, Kirkcaldy
Fife Constabulary, Police Headquarters
Fife Council, Kirkcaldy - Town House
Ford Motor Company Limited, Southampton
Forth Valley College of Further & Higher Education, Falkirk Campus
Fox's Biscuits, Batley
Glasgow City Council, City Chambers
Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow
GlaxoSmithKline, Dartford - Acacia Hall
Goodwin Resource Centre Association, Hull
Grimsby and S****horpe Newspapers Ltd, Grimsby
Gripple Ltd, Sheffield
Hartlepool Primary Care Trust, Hartlepool
Headquarters 2nd Infantry Brigade, Folkestone
Health Promotion, Coventry
HM Prison Cardiff
HM Prison Edinburgh
HM Prison Glenochil, Tullibody
HM Prison HMYOI Polmont, Falkirk
HM Prison Maidstone
HM Prison Stafford
HM Prison Standford Hill, Sheerness
HM Prison Swaleside, Isle of Sheppey
Home Office Refugee Integration Section, Croydon
Hothouse Centre for Ceramic Design, Stoke-on-Trent
HSBC Bank plc, Manchester
Hull Citybuild, Hull
Hull Cityventure Limited, Hull
Huntsman Petrochemicals [UK] Ltd, Redcar
IBM United Kingdom Limited, Edinburgh
Indian Muslim Welfare Society, Batley
John Wheatley College, Glasgow
Keele University
Keepmoat plc, Doncaster
Kellogg's, Manchester
Kent Thameside Delivery Board, Gravesend
Kickstart, Sheffield
Kimberly-Clark Ltd, Barton-Upon-Humber
Kingston upon Hull City Council, The Guildhall
Komedia, Brighton
Laganside Corporation, Belfast
Lancashire Constabulary, Nr Preston
Learning + Skills Council, Hull
Legal & General, Cardiff - 2 Fitzalan Place
Longley Park Sixth Form College, Sheffield
Lothian Buses plc, Edinburgh
Marriott Hotel, Glasgow
Marriott Hotel, Sunderland
Marriott Sprowston Manor Hotel & Country Club, Norwich
Maxxium UK Ltd, Stirling
McCann FitzGerald Solicitors, Dublin
Meadowhall Centre Limited, Sheffield
Medway Ports, Sheerness
Met Office, Exeter
Middlesbrough Borough Council, Middlesbrough - Vancouver House
Millennium Chemicals, Grimsby
Milton Keynes Museum, Milton Keynes
MKM Building Supplies Ltd, Hull
National Children's Centre, Huddersfield
National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford
New Appointments Group, Sittingbourne
Newbury Town Council, Newbury
Newcastle Building Society, Newcastle Upon Tyne
North Lincolnshire Council, S****horpe
Northern Echo, Darlington
Northern Lincolnshire & Goole Hospitals NHS Trust, S****horpe
Northwest Development Agency, Warrington
Norwich City Council, City Hall
Novartis Grimsby Ltd, Grimsby
O2 Ireland, Dublin
OCR, Coventry
Outokumpu Stainless Ltd, Sheffield
Oxford City Council, St Aldate's Chambers
Panasonic UK Ltd, Bracknell
Patcham High School, Brighton
Pfizer Limited, Sandwich - Ramsgate Road
PricewaterhouseCoopers, London - Embankment Place, Head Office
PricewaterhouseCoopers, London - Plumtree Court
Prudential plc, Reading
Prudential plc, Stirling
PSA Peugeot Citroen, Coventry
PSA Peugeot Citroen, Manufacturing Plant
Quest International Ltd, Ashford
REACT, Rotherham
Reading Borough Council, Reading
Reed In Partnership, Doncaster
Ridgewood School, Doncaster
Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster Sheffield, Doncaster
Rok Build, Reading
Rolls-Royce plc, Inchinnan
Rotherham College of Arts and Technology, Dinnington
Royal Bank of Scotland plc, Edinburgh - The Younger Building
Safefood, Cork
Salford Primary Care Trust, Salford
Scottish Enterprise Forth Valley, Stirling
Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow
Scottish Executive, Edinburgh - Victoria Quay
Sheffield City Council, Sheffield - Town Hall
Shepherd Neame Ltd, Faversham
Shoosmiths Solicitors, Milton Keynes
Slough Enterprise Gateway, Slough
South Norfolk District Council, Norwich
South Wales Fire Service, Cardiff
St Andrews Bay Hotel, St. Andrews
St Saviours C of E Church, Folkestone
St Simon Stock School, Maidstone
Staffordshire University, Stafford
Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Stoke on Trent
Strathclyde Police, Headquarters
Sussex County Cricket Club, Hove
Sussex Innovation Centre, Brighton
Sussex Police, Hove Police Station
Swale Borough Council, Sittingbourne
Swale Forward, Swale
Swale Primary Care Trust, Sittingbourne
Swan Valley Community School, Swanscombe
Tesco Charity Trust, Cheshunt
Thames Valley Police, Reading - Castle Street
Thames Valley Police, Slough
The Bridge (Oxford) Ltd, Oxford
The Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival, Brighton
The City of Edinburgh Council, Head Office
The Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education, Grimsby
The Recovery Project, Brighton
Thomson Snell & Passmore (Solicitors), Tunbridge Wells
Tonbridge Grammar School, Tonbridge
Unipart (DCM), Oxford
University of Glasgow
University of Greenwich, Chatham
University of Salford
University of St Andrews
University of Sussex, Brighton
Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Cardiff
Viking FM, Hull
Vodafone Group Plc, Head Office
Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
Welsh Development Agency, Cardiff
West Berkshire Community Hospital, Thatcham
West Berkshire Council, Newbury
West Midlands Fire Service, Coventry, Radford Road Community Fire Station
West Midlands Police, Coventry, Little Park Street Police Station
West Yorkshire Police, Huddersfield
Wintringham School, Grimsby
Wokingham District Council, Wokingham
Wychwood School, Oxford
Yorkshire Bank PLC, Leeds
Young's Bluecrest Seafood Limited, Ross House, Grimsby
Zurich Commercial, London and Swindon

Stef said...

and I've read through enough cultish, psychomindfuck material in my time to know it when I see it

Stef said...


Lord Patel also trying to get a handle on CP here...

The Antagonist said...

what I am most interested in understanding is just how coordinated this opinion shaping process is and how significant outfits like CP really are

If what the ruling classes say is anything to go by, and if you fancy a giggle, google or scroogle for the names of prominent 'world leaders' and the words "transcript" and "common purpose".

Here's a few for starters:

* George W. Bush
* Tony Blair
* Gordon BrNWO is at it too.

Anonymous said...

It would explain why everyone in public life now talks in the same bland 'Glittering generalities'.

I think spreading the word about this group is really important but I'm unsure of how to handle the subject with non loonies. Any advice?

Anonymous said...

Anyone more articiulate than me fancy doing a Wikipedia entry for Common Purpose? There's not a sausage on there about them at the moment. I think it's time some light was shone on them.

Wolfie said...

Stef, I'm not denying the accuracy of the list. I'm just wondering exactly how much involvement they have in each one of those companies. Knowing how these "consultancies" work myself I also know that all it takes is half a dozen employees doing a phone handling course for the blighters to list you as a "client".

I'd like something more concrete.

Others are onto this as well, but I've not found anything substantial on the net… as yet.

The Antagonist said...

It's worth remembering what CP are all about. Quoting from their web site (emphasis added):

"Common Purpose programmes help people to lead beyond their authority and produce change beyond their direct circle of control."

Rory Winter said...

Returning to the CIB loonies, note how in the introduction by the Freedom Association MEP he says he expects that the FA will continue to have a long association with the CIB.

Bet your boots that there's an organic, working connection between the two.

Stef said...


unlike the Little Englanders Rory w. is referring to I'd personally doubt very if an organisation like CP could ever be the all powerful demon they think it to be

what it could very easily be is part of that network of non-democratic, droid-nurturing lobby groups and think thanks that now envelop the political process and have replaced ideology and conviction with the 'glittering generalities' that anon refers to

I have a particularly big problem with the Fascistic blurring of the conceptual lines between a public service such as the police or prison service and privately owned companies - a blurring process which organisations like CP help to promote

Anonymous said...

the key things about them that set alarm bells ringing for me is that,

They are a 'charity' but do no charitable work.
They are a business yes, but operate under the Chatham House rules.
That makes them a secret society.

Anyone who has been 'outed' denies their existence.

FOI requests are either denied or fudged.

If they were open and transparent, wouldnt be a problem, but the fact that they are so secretive tells me that something is seriously sinister and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has been 'outed' denies their existence.

FOI requests are either denied or fudged.

Have you got any more information about this? Sounds interesting.

You're right, the fact they're a charity but appear to operate exactly like a business is very odd. And if they're just working for the public good why the secracy?

Sophia said...

Hi Stef,

Great posts about islamo-Fascism. Did you notice that it comes when Israel is spinning for a nuclear war on Iran ? I discovered a stunning info this morning and it deserves to be diffused as mush as possible:

Anonymous said...

Your Turn takes young people at a time when their horizons are expanding exponentially and exposes them to a radical new set of influences: the people who make the decisions that govern their world - people such as chief constables, business executives and community leaders.

So that's whose in charge

Wolfie said...


Now that (more reasoned) explanation I can buy. The question however remains weather these faceless, unprincipled consultancy groups are leading the way or if they are simply springing-up to serve the purposes of a new elite who already encompass those values. I suspect the latter.

See this article for reference.

Rory Winter said...

Hi Stef, that 'Fish(like Mammal)' is not a porpoise, it's a dolphin. Porpoises don't have beaks like dolphins do.

I would never associate a dolphin with any dodgy human being org organisation! :-)

Stef said...

Hi Stef, that 'Fish(like Mammal)' is not a porpoise, it's a dolphin. Porpoises don't have beaks like dolphins do.


/ gets back to searching for decent porpoise picture

Stef said...

I suspect the latter.


Anonymous said...

Stef, CP emerged in around the early 1990s iirc, as the brainchild of some of the bods involved in getting Business Links set up. Business Links, in case people don't know, are semi- 'arms length' local authority, semi-quango, semi- privately managed via subcontracting, and shady enough in themselves.

I was asked to host some CP event things and do some mentoring back then, and it was all really sick-buckety Drucker/Peters type management drivel, with smiley faced charismatics (often women like me) doing the 'training', instead of grizzly business advisors smelling of rothmans and dry cleaning fluid.


Anyhow, imnsho, it was all harmless content-free mush, about zero use to anyone, and acknowledged as such. It was the /networking/ that mattered, doncha know. Masonic style community-sounding worthy -sounding apple pie balderdash, but allegedly good for your CV.

As you can imagine, I networked off.

Stef said...

...smiley faced charismatics (often women like me)


not that you're not smiley faced or charismatic - it's just the thought that an outfit like CP could conceivably recruit you

I agree with your sentiments about the effectiveness of the 'training' outfits like CP provide. What they do do is provide a certain kind of person with a network and language they can use to thrive

And that kind of person has done very well over the last 10-15 years

The conspiraloon bit cuts in when assessing how deliberate and coordinated this all is

Stef said...

/ Fake Common Porpoise now replaced with UnCommon Porpoise

Stef said...


Yes, I have noticed the correlation between the reporting of 'Islamo-Fascism' and the interests of a particular Lobby

It doesn't take much in the way of investigative skills to check up on who is behind 'Islamo-Fascism' awareness week and to see what else they have in common other than a heart-warming concern for the rights of women in Islamic countries

And those White British Nationalists who are so enthusiastic about promoting 'Islamo-Fascism Awareness' really should wake up to exactly who is fucking with their national sovereignty

I'll post links to your post as and when I come across relevant opportunities

and that line you quote in your post...

"It worked for the USA against Japan. Now, Japan LOVES US!"

is quite the most insane thing I've read for a long time

Stef said...

@sundry anons:

Have you got any more information about this?

Watch the video - provided you've got two hours to spare and can handle the occasional xenophobic/ reactionary outburst

Anyone more articiulate than me fancy doing a Wikipedia entry for Common Purpose? There's not a sausage on there about them at the moment. I think it's time some light was shone on them.

I agree but I'm personally not up to speed enough with the Wikipedia editing process to try a cut of my own. I suspect that if someone with the necessary skills just popped in the unadulterated official blurb from the Common Purpose website the article would subsequently take on an amusing life of its own

(love the spelling of 'articiulate' btw)

Stef said...

ps you've got to love the current sole wikipedia entry for the expression 'common purpose'...

In criminal law, the doctrine of common purpose, common design or joint enterprise refers to the situation where two or more people embark on a project with a common purpose that results in the commission of a crime. In this situation the participants are jointly liable for all that results from the acts and omissions occurring within the scope of their agreement.

DE said...

I've created a page - but of course its up for deletion - help if you wish.

The Antagonist said...

Common Purpose: Freemasonry with women, but without the distinctive architecture.

Anonymous said...

Impressive list:


34 (N) Signal Regiment (Volunteers), Middlesbrough

Age Concern, Milton Keynes

Airport Business Centre, Plymouth

Alan Edward Higgs Charity, Coventry

Alliance & Leicester, Leicester

Anguish's Educational Foundation, Norwich

Annabel's Cabaret & Disco, Plymouth

Associated British Ports, Grimsby

Avanti, Porth

Avecia Ltd, Billingham

AXA PPP Healthcare, Tunbridge Wells - Vale Road

Aylesford Newsprint Ltd, Aylesford

Badminton Association of England, Milton Keynes

BAE Systems, Brough

Barclays PLC, Cardiff Bay

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Barnsley - Town Hall

Biofuels Corporation Limited, Middlesbrough

Bletchley Park Trust, Milton Keynes

BP European Acetyls, Hull

Bradford & Bingley Group, Bingley

Bradford College, Bradford

Bradford Community Housing Trust Group Limited, Bradford

Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Bradford - City Hall

Bradford Trident, Bradford

Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Co Ltd, Hove

Brighton & Hove City Council, Hove Town Hall

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Brighton - Sussex House

Brittany Ferries, Plymouth

BT plc, Canterbury - Becket House

Campbell Catering -, Limerick

Cardiff Magistrates Court, Cardiff

CEA@Islington, Offord Road

Cleveland Police, Middlesbrough - Ladgate Lane

Coventry City Council, The Council House

Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland, Belfast

DaimlerChrysler UK Ltd, Milton Keynes

Darlington Borough Council, Feethams

Department for Children, Schools and Families, Darlington

Diocese of Wakefield -, Dewsbury

Dublin Bus, Dublin

Education Bradford, Bradford

Education Client Team, Bradford

Education Leeds, Leeds

English Partnerships, Milton Keynes

Environment Agency Wales, Bangor

Eversheds, Cardiff

Excellence in Cities, Billingham

Goodwin Development Trust Ltd, The Octagon, Hull

Halton Borough Council, Runcorn

HANWaG, Hull

Health Promotion, Coventry

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry

HMP & YOI Parc, Bridgend

HMP Askham Grange, York

HMP Holme House, Stockton-On-Tees

HMP Kirklevington Grange, Yarm

HMP Lewes, Lewes

HMP Stafford, Stafford

HMP YOI & RC Glen Parva, Wigston

Hothouse Centre for Ceramic Design, Stoke-on-Trent

HSBC Bank plc, Wrexham

Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce, Hull

Hull Citybuild, Hull

Hull Cityventure Limited, Hull

Humberside Police Authority, Hull

Humberside Police, Hull - Queens Gardens

Huntsman Tioxide, Grimsby

ITV Wales, Cardiff

JCP LLP, Swansea

Jupiter Group, Cardiff

Keighley College, Keighley

Kimberly-Clark Ltd, Barton-Upon-Humber

Kimberly-Clark Ltd, West Malling

Kingston upon Hull City Council, The Guildhall

Kirklees Primary Care Trust, Batley

Komedia, Brighton

Learning & Skills Council Yorkshire & The Humber, Bradford

Leeds City Council, Civic Hall

Leeds Metropolitan University, Queen Square House

Leicester City Council, New Walk Centre

Maidendale Community Centre, Darlington

Marriott Tudor Park Hotel, Maidstone

Merseyside Police, HQ Canning Place

Merseytravel, Liverpool

Morrison Trust, Darlington

National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff

National Children's Centre, Huddersfield

National Glass Centre, Sunderland

Nike (UK) Ltd, Sunderland

North East Community Forest, Dunston

North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus, Grimsby

North Lincolnshire BME Networking Forum, Scunthorpe

North Lincolnshire Council, Scunthorpe - Ashby Road

North Tees Primary Care Trust, Stockton on Tees

North Yorkshire Police, Headquarters

Norwich City Council, City Hall

Park Lane College, Leeds

PD Ports PLC, Middlesbrough

Pertemps Group Plc -, Thorntree

Petrofac Training, Aberdeen

Preston Road Neighbourhood Development Company Ltd, Hull - Flinton Grove

PricewaterhouseCoopers, London - Embankment Place - Head Office

Resource Ltd, Cardiff

Rolls-Royce plc, Derby - PO Box 31

Shoosmiths Solicitors, Milton Keynes

Skipton Building Society, Skipton

Smith & Nephew Medical Ltd, Hull

South Norfolk District Council, Norwich - Swan Lane

Staffordshire University, Stafford

Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Stoke on Trent - Civic Centre

Stoke-on-Trent Theatres Limited, Stoke-On-Trent

TA Millard East Anglia Ltd, Norwich

Tees Valley Regeneration, Stockton on Tees

Territorial Army, Milton Keynes

The Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival, Brighton

The Everards Foundation, Leicester

The Lady Hind Trust, Norwich

The Open University, Milton Keynes

The Studio, Hartlepool

The Wilton Centre -, Redcar

Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds

UK IPO, Newport

University of Bradford, Bradford

University of Hull, Hull

University of Kent at Medway, Medway

University of Teesside, Middlesbrough

Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Cardiff

Vickery Holman Ltd, Plymouth

Viking FM & Magic 1161, Hull

Visteon, Swansea

Vodafone Group Plc, Dublin

Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, Wakefield - Town Hall

West Kent Housing Association, Sevenoaks

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Kirklees

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Stanningley

West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, Leeds

West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

West Yorkshire Police, Bradford - Javelin Close

WISE (Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation), Hull

York Hospitals NHS Trust, York

Yorkshire Building Society, Bradford

Yorkshire Craft Centre, Bradford

Yorkshire Water, Esholt Hall

BTW: The wikipedia article seems to be online again...

Stef said...


thanks, I've updated the post where I talk about the Wikipedia entry

jon doy™ said...

i completely missed this post until just this evening - most rude of me, and most humbling to get a quote - thanks much :)

...but, you know, i read that 'wings' bit on the back of a pack of Illuminati Puffs breakfast cereal (nice with goat's milk)

whoever indeed wrote it was hoping to find a way to break down the left/right wing machinery a little (i would guess), and they're pleased that it's been given wider audience (i would also guess)

good to see the strong Conspiralonic™ analysis at work here regarding those twats at CP...i can say twats, can't i ?

Stef said...


Anonymous said...

STOP KUFFARPHOBIA Demo in London, Friday 10/26/07!

I think we all must start calling the Islamofascists 'racists'. We should scream that they are hateful towards the Christian race, and the Jewish race, and the Hindu race, and the Atheist Race, that they are Christianityphobiasts. They will scream that Christianity is not a race, and we'll say:

"See, Islam is NOT a race either.
And by the way, the Bible doesn't say to convert, conquer or kill non-Christians; like the Koran says to do to non-Muslims. So there YOU RACIST hater of non-Muslims! You're a Kuffarphobic!"

Be careful all you in London Friday 10/26!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't call a spade a spade

Islamist terrorism
not related to Islam

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
many Taliban planets

stonings and beheadings
billions killed daily

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
be very afraid...

of saying the wrong things
TRUTH is especially BAD

J.P. Stonehouse said...

Common Purpose has links to Freemasonry. See my blog.

Anonymous said...

CP has been given £2.1 million in lottery funds since 2001.

Check out this article on CP from a chap who now works at the University Of Srathclyde.

The author William Clark states

"Demos has spawned all manner of parasitical children.
Take the example of Common Purpose (CP). This was started by Demos trustee Julia Middleton. It has been around for sometime but gained a great deal of funding with the advent of New Labour and its service towards business elites"

"CP creates the illusion that it is for ordinary people, but it is not only run by an elite, its projects cater exclusively for an elite: "the rising generation of decision makers" as they say in their web site. This also states that: "We are looking for applicants who are decision-makers in their city, towns or area", and that "participants are over 30 and already hold a position of considerable responsibility". They say their long-term aim is "educating the next generation of leaders in each city or town". On this basis it is a fraudulent organisation"


Stef said...


Thanks for the link

CP is definitely on my and a lot of other people's radar now


Anonymous said...


I have a lot of info which you won't find on the net.

Anonymous said...

from CP's web site....

A letter from the trustees

Common Purpose receives a broad spectrum of media coverage that highlights the positive impact of our leadership development programmes and award schemes. Examples of the many positive changes in society that have occurred as a result of the programme participants’ actions are available on our website.

A tiny fraction of media coverage, mostly postings on online discussion boards, blogs and websites, is making highly offensive and untrue claims about Common Purpose. Our reputation is very important to us – we have been advised that whilst the content is undoubtedly offensive to those who are named or implicated in the articles, it is also defamatory. Common Purpose is founded on the principles of independence and non-alignment. All of our work remains true to these principles. More detail on how we work is available in our Charter.

Common Purpose is a registered charity and our accounts are available online. Our UK work is funded by the income we receive from running educational programmes that aim to improve the leadership competencies of people across the public, private and not-for-profit sector, so they have the skills, the connections and the vision they need to lead more effectively within their roles and also more widely, to create positive change in society. This has three benefits – better leaders, new networks and stronger communities. We are grateful for kind support from a range of sponsors for our international development work.

Common Purpose is very proud of its track record of working with leaders of all backgrounds, ages and sectors. If you are interested in finding out more about our work, please get in touch. Contact us at

As the Chairs of the Board of Trustees for Common Purpose Charitable Trust, Common Purpose International and Common Purpose UK, we are proud to support the good work of this educational charity.

Jude Kelly, Artistic Director, South Bank Centre and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose Charitable Trust
Sir David Bell, Director for People, Pearson plc and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose International
Chris Mathias, Impetus Trust, and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose UK

Company information | Sitemap | Accessibility

Anonymous said...

"There's a whole new generation who see both party and office politics as irrelevent to their lives. They're looking for their own ways to change the world. And they're looking to Common Purpose to help"

Richard Sambrook - Director, BBC Global News
(ex Common Purpose advisroy group member London)

Stop Common Purpose said...

Common Purpose must be stopped:

Melchizedek said...

Joseph Christie Stirling
93 Ashburn Road
Glasgow G62 7PQ
0141 560 4743

To every Politician & Media, 17/4/08

On behalf of the tax paying, law abiding citizens of the UK, We demand that you read and respond to this serious issue of perpetual corruption. There is not a person on this planet who can form a strategy or constitution without tackling corruption first. It is an absolutely pointless exercise and a continuity of madness. There is no future for anyone regardless of how big a fish you think you are.

This legal gang called "Freemasonry" is trying hard to shore up it’s defences as you read this. It is way out of control. It is totally destroying everyone of us, member or not. We all need each others collective agreement that this cannot be allowed to continue. If Freemasonry is such a wonderful charitable fraternity of men, then why can’t it be done for free to benefit the whole community ?. Why can’t we have a public register of Freemasons ?, as this would comprehensively prove whether it’s good or bad. Why does it have charity status when the Ninth Degree Mason takes his vows to kill for Freemasonry ? This gang of crooks have sworn to protect each other, no matter what. They are prolific liars and have an unbeatable system to fool/deny/cheat or disappear. We can show you this system in detail or send you a copy. Our group has much, much more. We have bring this calculated derangement to a halt, now.

This criminal network, cult, organisation is controlling the UK by fear and manipulation. We at Second Family UK are all sitting here with mountains of concrete evidence. We can’t find a non-Masonic environment to take it. We want to present this human disaster transparently. On behalf of our group of victims I had a recent appointment with my local MP. She made it absolutely clear that she was not interested in doing anything about corruption. This is not about one person, but a sample of political apathy? We are all finished if we continue to ignore it. This Masonic virus infects everything it comes into contact with. Can you hear me ?

This is not about revenge, hatred or trying to discredit Government, Royalty, Media or others. We have to collectively "STOP THE MADNESS" It’s very successful because we ignore the word CORRUPTION.

A copy of this letter is being sent to every Politician and Media in the UK. We have already sent them ten articles via email and with nominal replies. We appreciate those of you who sent acknowledgements and support. We need you to do something today and you can start by sending us a letter of support. You will have to send it via recorded delivery as the Masons in every department are blocking our emails, phone calls and snail mail. Please send it to the address above. Then get your heads together, end this.

Website www.secondfamily-uk com We are a support group for victims of Freemasonry, Common Purpose and all other secret societies. We have found them all to be the same legal gang, whatever name that they choose. For 15 months now SF are all over the Internet requesting the top Freemasons to come and talk to their victims in front of a live, independent, filmed audience. They ignore us, wonder why ? Please forward this important information to all.

We run this group on an absolute shoestring, no funds whatsoever. They stop their victims financially.

Footnote, this evil collective always get their man and I would like some protection. At least protect my family who have been my absolute strength. Your family could be next. No, not scaremongering, only the truth. Who can you trust ? the genuine victims or the liars? We are ALL victims, just open your eyes. We will let you know about the Politicians and Media response ASAP.

Important petiton: Protect your children immediately

Sincerely yours, from J C Stirling, Veteran victim of Freemasonry, Humanitarian, FR33DOM FIGHTER and founding member of Second Family UK - When there is nothing left, we cannot eat money.

jon doy™ said...

i wrote a little song about common purpose you may enjoy

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for a MP to trust you could look at Norman Bakep (Lib). He's the only one I know who's asked about Bilderberg attendance in the Commons, independently investigated the death of Dr. Kelly and is apparently the hardest working MP in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

"Common Purpose is very proud of its track record of working with leaders of all backgrounds, ages and sectors."

How come non of these "leaders of all backgrounds" seem non to proud? I can't find a single quote from a leader of "any" background who seems proud to have worked with common purpose!

Something is not right about CP!

Anonymous said...

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Medawar said...

Common Purpose is Opus Dei for unbelievers.

(And I'm not being trite.)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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jon doy™ said...



Stef said...


there, there - all the bad comments have gone away now

really, you leave your blog unattended for a few short weeks and all sorts of riff raff move in

though, who's to say, maybe Common Purpose are big on the MILF scene

jon doy™ said...


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