Friday, November 18, 2011

Mainstream Conspiraloons #204 James Delingpole

Until recently, the single greatest contribution made to public discourse by Daily Telegraph columnist and professional tory irritant about town, James Delingpole, has been to help polarise the debate about alleged Anthropogenic Global Warming along conventional Right vs Left lines; making it a whole lot easier for the average Jane or Joe on the street to adopt a position on AGW without having to know or think very much about the scientific basis for AGW at all

Left Wing = AGW proponent. Right Wing = Denier. Simples

And when it comes to economic or foreign policy matters James can be most succinctly described as an almost perfect Melanie Phillips clone, but with a cock (though I am making unsubstantiated morphological assumptions here)

James Delingpole

That was until James' most recent column on the subject of the Goldman's coup currently underway in Western Europe...

"...We need to find common ground here, I think – those of us who believe (as the Occupy crowd do) that the current crisis is caused by the failure of capitalism and those of us who believe (as I do) that it is caused by the failure of corporatism, welfarism and – ultimately – the fiat money system. While we are busy being distracted by our particular ideological hobby horses, we are being shafted by a political bankster corporatist elite which doesn't give a stuff about us because we are the little people and we are of no consequence to the New World Order they wish to impose on us.

Beware the Vampire Squid: whether you are on the Left or the Right it will feast on your blood and suck you dry all the same."

My oh my, how those corporate journalists enjoy bashing internet-based conspiraloonery, yet are gradually finding themselves drawn to the language of net-based loondom as their own lexicon becomes less and less capable of describing the shit that's going down

though, obviously, James wouldn't want the Little People to become too focused on the crimes of the Big People at the expense of those distractive ideological hobby horses as, let's be honest here, they're a nice little earner

Thursday, November 17, 2011

That does not compute

I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly but something about Deek Jackson's Conspiracy Clown project suggests to me, in the gentlest of ways, that Deek is currently tussling with the teensy weensiest of logical paradoxes

Deek appears to be suggesting that anyone who gets angry when someone disagrees with them is a dick. He appears to be quite angry that people behave like this

Fans of Star Trek will recognise this as being the same strategy William Shatner routinely used to destroy otherwise impregnable machine intelligences through force of paradoxical argument alone

Human intelligence is, of course, clearly superior to machine intelligence as it is (usually) more than capable of processing contradictory data with the aid of contradictory beliefs, without melting or destroying any mining colonies

As it happens I agree with what Deek is trying to say (which is why I'm posting his video) but he comes out with almost as much bullshit as many of the truthers he's criticising, and he defends his bullshit just as aggressively as they defend theirs

Every cloud has a silver lining

I've spent the last few days thinking about getting in touch with and offering my commiserations to all the good friends I made during the brief time I spent with MF Global a few years back

Then I remembered there weren't any

edit: actually, Gerald Celente got reamed, so make that two silver linings, and a nice sweary wrap-up to his account of his reaming...

'You're about to get MF-ed'

Monday, November 07, 2011

Why the NWO Might Actually Win - #129 Kevin Barrett

There are two reasons why I post about some of the more, um, interesting characters who associate themselves with, for want of a better term, the cause of 7/7 Truth

The first, obviously enough, is that I believe they are fucking it up and have contributed in their own small ways to the snail's progress that has been made thus far

The second reason is that I view their antics as a case study in the trials and pitfalls which can be sprinkled in the path of 'truth movements' in general

Which gets me onto the subject of Kevin Barrett

Kevin is a leading 9/11 Truther and hosts a couple of weekly US-based radio shows/ podcasts

Kevin is a big chum of Jim Fetzer. That's the same Jim Fetzer who appeared on the BBC last September explaining that the 9/11 wreckage on the Pentagon lawn was dumped there from a C130 transport circling overhead

Cheers Jim

Kevin has taken a keen interest in the subject of 7/7 and has conducted numerous interviews with leading (sic.) 7/7 researchers

Curiously enough, Kevin's personal list of 'leading 7/7 researchers' coincides 100% with my personal list of 'dodgy, dubious and pointless 7/7 researchers'

Through his tireless promotion of some of the shonkiest 7/7 material out there, Kevin (along with Jolly Jim Fetzer) has contributed in no small part to the absolutely woeful, often plain incorrect, understanding of 7/7 displayed by the average US truther

Cheers Kev

Anyway, Kevin has interviewed Muad'dib several times since 7/7 Ripple Effect appeared and, last week, slapped up a blog post promoting Muad'dib's latest film the day before it was released.

Kevin also interviewed Muad'dib ahead of the release of the new film

The interview was Comedy Gold and I'm going to post a link to the best segment after supplying a few listener's background notes which will hopefully enhance the experience...
  • Kevin is a practicing Muslim
  • Curiously, in his previous interviews with Kevin, Muad'dib had neglected to mention that he was Christ or that Muslims are adhering to a Satanic faith

  • Equally curiously, even though Kevin has praised Muad'dib's truth seeking efforts on numerous occasions he has clearly never visited Muad'dib's websites

  • Even though Kevin was happy to promote Muad'dib's new video on his blog he obviously hadn't watched it first (that's the video where Muad'dib tells the world he is the Messiah and warns the viewers that they can either follow Muad'dib or burn). Kevin will have presumably watched that video by now, but only after broadcasting this interview where Kevin says that Muad'dib is 'basically barking up the right tree'

  • The highpoints in the following clip imho include Muad and Kevin exchanging banter about how strange it was that the prosecution shot itself in the foot during Muad'dib's trial ('actually, it makes you wonder if someone on the prosecution team was covertly on your side'), a brief exchange about Tony Farrell, Muad'dib explaining how he's rewritten and merged the Torah, the New Testament and the Koran ('The King of Kings'), and Muad'dib explaining that the problem with the Koran is that it's in Arabic, not English, plus several other choice nuggets including a wee hint that Muslims are Satan worshippers
If you follow 7/7 scepticism at all or just want to hear a leading US Truther make a complete turnip of himself on air, the following clip will be 12 minutes moderately well spent...

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Lure of the Patsy

Lee Harvey Fawkes Faux

I'd like to expand on a couple of points I have made underneath my previous post

In that post I linked to the closing minutes of the sequel to '7/7 Ripple Effect', a film called 'The Nazi Bankers' Crimes - Ripple Effect'. The film ends with a call for the viewer to embrace the producer of the film as The Messiah, accompanied by scenes from the film 'V for Vendetta'

I have repeatedly expressed concerns that the intention behind the entire '7/7 Ripple Effect' project was to promote the messianic pretensions of the person who claims to be its producer and, to that end, '7/7 Ripple Effect' was constructed to appeal to those looking for fables to believe in, rather than those inclined to sceptism. In short, the target market was people capable of unquestioning religious faith. The punchline of the latest ‘Ripple Effect’ film bears this out, in spades

Ultimately, whether this distraction is actively sponsored by the (in)security services, whether shady characters are contributing no more than the occasional helpful nudge, or whether this is solely the work of a wannabe Christ figure and a handful of followers is neither here nor there. The Muad'dib 'op' is a distraction from the research which has torn the Official 7/7 Narrative apart and it assists the corporate media in portraying all ‘conspiracy theorists’ as credulous whackjobs, and not just some of them

And then there’s this whole Guy Fawkes/ V for Vendetta thing which is enjoying much more widespread support and exposure than any scepticism about the Official 7/7 Narrative

I've never liked 'V' very much, which puts me in the same camp as the author of the graphic novel on which it is based, Alan Moore

When I first saw the film I couldn’t quite put my finger on why it bothered me as much as it did. Some initial reading up on my part revealed that the lead actress in the film cited the life of Menachem Begin as an inspiration for her role, which was a clue that at least some of motivations behind the movie were a little short of the pacifistic anarchist ideal (I guess she skipped the chapter on Deir Yassin)

Even if you were to overlook the unsound elements in the film, and I’ll get back to them in a moment, the Guy Fawkes myth itself is deeply unsound

I remember as I young kid not being able to see the connection between the story of Guy Fawkes and the tradition of burning a ‘guy’. I knew Fawkes had been hung so what was the deal with throwing effigies of him on a fire?

And then one night, from underneath a blanket, I saw 'The Wicker Man' and the penny dropped. A little later I found out about the ancient festival of Samhain and the penny resumed its descent. People had been making a racket, lighting fires and burning effigies at the start of Winter for millennia

What ‘The State’ had done was to have co-opted a long-standing festival and transformed it into a celebration of its own perpetuation and glory. It is one thing to stick a Christian church on the site of a pagan temple, an altogether more powerful and enduring stroke of genius to hijack a tradition. If done right the results can outlast any building

Digging even deeper into the Bonfire Night 'celebration', there are plenty of reasons to suspect that the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ itself was a fabrication, that the plot was an example of state-sponsored false flag terror and Fawkes a patsy. The Elizabethan/ Jacobean state demonstrated on many occasions that it was more than capable of such intrigue. Except back then it was Catholics who served the role of the ‘Enemy Within (and without)’ now filled by Muslims

The irony that protesters today might be drawn to a patsy myth is compounded by the fact that even though they, almost without exception, pay homage to the meme of non violent revolution they, again almost without exception, refer to the imagery promoted in a corporate-produced, big budget motion picture which is violent to the core

For a film which is lauded by supposed proponents of passive resistance, 'V for Vendetta' does depict, with relish, an awful lot of people being stabbed, poisoned, blown up and shot

Of course, most knife vs. gun fights turn out as expected but you're more than welcome, positively encouraged, to try

The Fawkes story is an establishment-promoted myth and that myth's most widely hyped contemporary manifestation promises, Hollywood style, that all 'we' have to do is kill the bad guy or blow up the Death Star and everything's going to be just fucking peachy

Personally, I doubt it

Ho hum, maybe in 400 years time 'anti-capitalist' (sic.) protesters will be wearing Mohamed Atta masks to demos...

Saturday, November 05, 2011

7/7 Ripple Effect - Here comes the punchline

Muad'dib's sequel to 7/7 Ripple Effect has just hit the Interweb. I haven't played it through yet but just went straight to the final reel...

F*** me. I didn't see that one coming

Ok, maybe just a little


Thursday, October 20, 2011

A personal message to Tony Farrell

Hi Tony

A little dickie bird tells me that you're getting mixed up with opinions I express and opinions expressed by the J7 Truth Campaign

To the best of my knowledge the J7 Truth Campaign hasn't expressed any opinion about your Damascene conversion to full blown 7/7 conspiraloon at all

I, on the other hand, think you're your story is dodgy as fuck

I think you're dodgy as fuck because...
  • You work(ed) in police 'intelligence' for many years
  • Even though you worked as a terrorism risk analyst in the same county three of the alleged 7/7 bombers came from, you claim that you only became aware of conspiracy theories about 7/7 five years after the bombings

  • Even though you worked as a terrorism risk analyst in the same county three of the alleged 7/7 bombers came from, you claim that the only insight you have into the bombings came from 'watching videos in the internet' and you learned nothing relevant to 7/7 scepticism from your day job
  • You are attempting to promote doubt in the official 7/7 narrative as being a matter of religious faith and not a matter of scepticism in a poorly supported, inconsistent narrative

  • Your account of your dismissal is littered with apparent contrivances - your suspension on the anniversary of 7/7, your hearing on the anniversary of 9/11, the story about a priest switching you onto 7/7 Truth, claims that your superiors were sympathetic to your views on 7/7. It all sounds unlikely, unrealistic and scripted

Going forward, the only thing I see you contributing to the cause of 7/7 Truth is more twaddle about a 'Satanic' New World Order which will assist the establishment in depicting 7/7 Sceptics as being credulous believers and not rigorous sceptics

And maybe at some point you'll shave your legs and claim to be God

Which isn't much of a contribution at all

Sorry I missed you last Saturday. I'll try and catch up with you another time. I'll be the one not clapping, waiting to ask questions




Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm Not

Occupy Atlanta (2011)...

Life of Brian (1979)...