Friday, September 21, 2007

Public Service Announcement

"He's big! He's round! He's worth a billion pounds!"

"... He's also dreadfully litigious!"

Someone just sent me a link to a post in
Chicken Yoghurt's blog...

Public Service Announcement
Thursday September 20 2007 at 4:42 pm

Tim Ireland’s Bloggerheads site is currently down after his webhost pulled the plug. You can thank the latest Russian (that should be Uzbek) billionaire to reach the UK.

Tim’s currently also without email so if anyone needs to get hold of him, I’m happy to be the go-between and pass on any message by phone. My email address is at the top of the page.

This also means that the family of websites that Tim and Clive (whose site is also down) look after are also currently AWOL. So if you’re missing the online presences of Craig Murray, Bob Piper or Boris Johnson, now you know why they’ve gone.

Tim and Clive are now looking for a new web home from themselves and the rest and are hoping to be back within 48 hours. If any sympathetic souls would help spread the word, it would be most appreciated.

and, yes, the blogs in question do appear to be unavailable

Yet more proof, if ever it were needed, that we in the UK are gifted with the finest legal system that money can buy

Given that this situation appears to involve banning of blog sites and the British establishment's ongoing policy of kissing oligarch arse, two subjects dear to my heart, I should be joining in with others screaming from the rooftops about this

and I probably will

However, there is a certain degree of irony involved as at least one of the bloggers caught up in this has been involved in one or two unsound campaigns (imho) against blogs he doesn't like himself. On top of that, several of the blogs coming out against what has happened over the last couple of days have also been prone to heaping abuse on we Conspiraloons in the past and, presumably, the present - though I'm not sure as I stopped reading them some time ago

Personally, I'm all for finding common cause with decent people unhappy about the direction our lives are being pushed towards, even if they hold some beliefs that I believe to be misguided - and that includes people of religious, political or scientific faith. Divide and rule is a tactic of the powerful and I for one try very, very hard not to be suckered into that game

"Can't you see the difference between us?! He's Black on his LEFT side!! ...and he's got a bigger thingie!!"

So, yes, the latest act of censorship stinks and needs to be publicised and acted against. It would just be nice if some of the people caught up in it weren't in the habit of accusing my conspirabuddies who have issues with the 'Official Narrative' of 7/7 of being insane c*nts


edit: Lord Patel has more here

edit #2: Tim Worstall has compiled a list of bloggers who have commented on and criticised the actions of a certain Uzbek tyrant billionaire,
and his outstanding contributions to the cause of free speech in the UK, here



Anonymous said...

Excellent Stef,

I was quick to point out the irony too!

Stef said...

so you have

Stef said...

... maybe we conspired

Anonymous said...

Paradoxically the post which has caused the problems is one Craig made in 2005 which was (conveniently and serendipitously or maybe even with the help of Gypsy Petulengro, who helps out a lot round this office)copied at ;

So those anxious to see what those who would want us not to see what it was they don't want us to see may see it, and maybe even copy it and distribute it around and about and up and down.

It is also entirely possible that it has already been copied elsewhere.

This is a case where singing from the same page of the same hymnal is essential.

Anonymous said...

In a couple of years time, 3 obese Russian billionaire gangsters will own the whole of Britain.

Thanks Gordon!

Stef said...

In a couple of years time

that long?

Merkin said...

Well, things are getting tighter.
Today's shite about cyber bullying was part of the same campaign to squeeze us out of existence.
A very valued blogger on CiF, The Boldscot had his account stopped after a fairly innocuous but typically savage comment about Lib Dem Mark Oaten.
I set up another blogsite to allow people who have been banned on that forum to post 'the nature of the problem' leading to moderation.
I have been moderated from time to time but The Good Boldscot has not even been moderated in the past (in his trial, however, the opposite will be proved).
Not active at present for various reasons, though.
Point is, if these 'quaintes' are going for us we must be on the right track.

Anonymous said...


Is there a blog button yet?


Stef said...

Funny you should ask

/ gestures towards top RHS of the page

It's only a stop-gap until I can work a picture of the blobfish into the final design

...and outsource production to some chinese sweatshop staffed by 5 year olds

ziz said...

You might have more success interbreeding Mr U with Mr Blobby.

Anonymous said...

There is a little bit of irony here, but I'm not sure how important it is.
This very powerful and very dodgy fucker *is* a different kettle of fish from some woman no-one important is actually paying any attention to, after all.

Stef said...


It's a bit more involved than that but I *really* don't want to be drawn into the kind of futile, tedious and debilitating exchanges that have flared up elsewhere so I am not going to elaborate

I totally agree with what you're saying - the fact that the UK has been turned into the kind of kleptocratic banana republic where dodgy fuckers from around the world can openly thrive is a lot more serious and worth getting angry about

And people should be asking why are these dodgy fuckers investing in things like British football clubs.

I'd maintain that's because it's a lot harder for a foreign government to sequestrate a British football team than holdings in Eastern European / Central Asian utilities and commodities. In money laundering terminology this would be described as the layering/ integration stage of the cycle

Anonymous said...

Fair enough.

To think, back in the 70s and 80s we went to all kinds of desperate lengths and hardship to keep the Soviets influence out, but now we're just letting them take over anything they want - as though that's okay now because they're not communists any more.

But what are 99% of bloggers (and by extension, 99% of the population, but God I hope not) more concerned with? Finding sticks to bash their political opponents with - as though there's really that much politics to fight over now "History has Ended" (ahem).

Fiddling while Rome burns, I think they call it.

Stef said...

Spot on

Stef said...

...though I think it's fair to say to say that the general population is less suckered by faux left vs. right conflicts than politically themed blogs here in the UK and the US.

I don't think the 'blogosphere' is particularly representative of how apathetic/ nihilistic/ fucked-off with the whole system a lot of people really are.

In that respect, the bulk of on-line politics doesn't offer much of an alternative at all - just the same old bollocks via a different delivery system

Anonymous said...

Or the same delivery system - you only have to look at how getting a newspaper column (or a book deal) is such a badge of honour for bloggers.

Anonymous said...

This is my problem with political bloggers. They still have faith in the political system and democracy and think everything will be ok as soon as the right people are in charge.

Which is bollocks of course. It doesn't matter who's in charge, its the system that's broke.

Party politics is no more than a side shows these days, designed to distract us from the real fuckers who are in charge. That's why we have George Bush, what a great diversion he was!

Stef said...

yup, it's definitely all his fault

cf. T. Blair esq.

Anonymous said...

Stef said...

An intelligence agency directing 80%+ of its resources towards subversion and disinformation rather than gathering information!!?


Aren't we lucky that only Marxist-Leninist Russians do that sort of thing

Otherwise, think about all the trouble we Westerners would be in...

Anonymous said...

You conspiraloons disseminate information very rapidly it seems. Very good!

Stef said...


Anonymous said...

This Russian Big Daddy (without the benevolance) chappy. He's Russian yes, so how come he's entitled to use our legal system? Is it true that foreigners can be protected by the lible laws of other countries?

Oh BTW, George bush is has links to terrorism, the cocaine trade, pedophillia, assassination and mass murder.

P.S. My computer worries have mushroomed. I can't access my blog for a while, but thanks for the comments - they will get a reply when I'm back in action and work dies down a little.

Stef said...

So how come he's entitled to use our legal system?

Oh, I don't know ... maybe because he's richer than Croesus

The issue, I think, is not that a non British national can call upon British law but the fact that the law in question stinks

cf. the Life and Times of Laughing Bob Maxwell - one of the many honourable high points in the glorious history of the British libel industry

Anonymous said...

lwtc247, you can arguably connect George HW Bush with pretty much every unpleasent event of the 20th century from WW2 onwards.

Fun fact - George Bush Snr and Lee Harvey Oswald shared a mutual friend.