Saturday, July 16, 2011

Comedy Infiltration?

There's a new character currently doing the rounds on the Conspiraloon Circuit...

Tony Farrell was senior intelligence analyst for South Yorkshire police for 17 years, who underwent a Truth Epiphany in July 2010, submitted an intelligence report to management which identified the New World Order as a bigger terrorist threat than Radical Islam and was subsequently fired for his beliefs

So far, he's told his tale on the Alex Jones show and an orbiting starship, as well as being written about in several blogs and Conspiranoid websites

What interests me about Farrell's treatment by the alternative media thus far is just how easy a ride and warm a reception he's been getting

This is, after all, a milieu where it is normal to be accused of being a government operative or Zionist shill on the flimsiest of pretexts

Unless, that is, you are an ex(?)-police employee with an inconsistent back-story who appears from out of nowhere and says he's one of You now

Apparently, he's just got to be OK

Here's a provisional list of issues I have about this character which will doubtlessly change as he continues to ply his meagre wares...

  • The J7 Truth Campaign 7/7 Inquests blog and website are currently the most detailed and comprehensive critiques available of the 7/7 inquest and the Official 7/7 Narrative. Farrell has made no reference to either; preferring instead to cite secondary sources. You really would have to deliberately go out of your way not to refer to J7 when talking about issues arising from 7/7
  • Nor has Farrell made any attempt to communicate with J7 even though he is currently popping up everywhere else. This behaviour with regard to J7 is inconsistent with Farrell's stated desire to spread awareness of 7/7 'Truth'. The key differences between J7 and the other groups Farrell has referred to and dealt with are that J7 maintains a sceptical approach to promoting alternative 7/7 narratives and researches the material it publishes thoroughly. I can think of no reason why someone playing a straight game would stear clear of that
  • Farrell has currently made little of that fact that he was a police analyst in the same county that three of the four alleged bombers came from. If he didn’t encounter material that offers new insights into the Official 7/7 Narrative in the five years that followed the bombings I would consider that extremely peculiar. Thus far he has simply recycled selected highlights of existing 7/7 lore and nothing more
  • Farrel was dismissed in September 2010 and waited until June 2011 to publicise his story. The delay has not been explained. Farrell is now trying to drum up support and potential 'expert' witnesses for his dismissal hearing, scheduled for early September 2011. No Truther knew this man from Adam a month ago and now he's trying to get people who know nothing about the circumstances of his case to become involved in a hearing
  • The examples of reasons to doubt the Official 7/7 Narrative Farrell has cited so far include tendencious, potential red herrings; such as a claim that two of the alleged bombers were 'most probably' shot at Canary Wharf. For a allegedly Senior Intelligence Analyst, Tony appears to have a limited capacity to distinguish shit from shoeshine
  • I've discussed Farrell's recent interviews with a few fellow sceptics and we all seem to share a vague sense that Farrell, putting it politely, does not exactly exude a powerful forensic intelligence. He does not come across as being anlytical, informed, or any way energised by the material he is discussing. He simply doesn't, to my ears anyway, ring true
This man is an ex(?) police employee who brings nothing new to the table and is recycling selected 7/7 anomalies and red herrings

Farrell might be what he claims to be. However, as things stand, the persona he has projected so far is completely indistinguishable from a poorly implemented, low-budget attempt to co-opt 7/7 Scepticism by the intelligence community

In fact the strongest reason I currently have for believing that Farrell is an honest Truther is my doubt that the intelligence community would try a stunt as half-arsed, verging on the comical, as this. Spooks must take some pride in their work, surely?

Alex Jones closed his recent interview with Farrell by inviting him on as a resident criminologist to help break down and analyse incidents other than 7/7

It would appear that Farrell is not the only person incapable of distinguishing shit from shine

One to keep an eye on...



paul said...

Souldn't that be 'principal intelligence analyst'?

'Primary; most important in a group'.

Hmm...Maybe not in this case, or itexplains why they never catch any terrorists

Stef said...

as a related aside, I should mention that Alex Jones has form when it comes to promoting ex(?)-insiders who might not exactly have seen the Truther light in the way they claim to...

For example, there's a significant overlap between AJ's guest list and members of this fruity little club

Council for National Policy

paul said...

I find it amazing that jonesy could in any way be connected to that sort of group.
Magneto 2012!

Stef said...

"Souldn't that be 'principal intelligence analyst'?"

Hats off to the bloke

Five years as the principal intelligence analyst in the county three of the four alleged bombers came from, with all that classified high level material he presumably had access to, and he only finally cracks the case by watching 7/7 Ripple Effect on the Internet

paul said...

Well I hear it's a very good dvd, one of these days, if I have a severe stroke, I might get round to watching it.

Just now, I'm a little scared of its consciousness altering powers

Stef said...

Good call

If you do watch it you have 24 hours to post a link on the Internet declaring what a flawless, divinely inspired product it is. Otherwise a demon eats you

Stef said...

Something I neglected to mention in the body of my post is the minor observation that,in his interview with Farrell, AJ displays yet again the meticulous research and grasp of detail which have made him the Truth Tornado that he his today

AJ repeatedly gets Farrell's surname wrong and, at one point in the broadcast, refers to British secret service involvement in the IRA bombing of Omaha

It would only be fair for UK-based truthers to reciprocate AJ's support by doing their best to increase awareness of how Timothy McVitie was framed for the Okehampton City false flag op

Stef said...

"I find it amazing that jonesy could in any way be connected to that sort of group."

I know, incredible isn't it

I was so shocked to discover that AJ may have connections with a shadowy cabal of ultra-conservative evangelicals and John Birchers that I rechecked my computations line by line

Using a system of intelligence meta-analysis endorsed by Tony Farrell, I calculate that the chances of these connections being coincidental are 10,784,500,345,940.3177 to 1, approximately

Stef said...

I feel yet another Conspiraloon Alliance sidebar coming on...

The Annie (Machon) and David (Shayler) Show
Martin 'Abdullah' McDaid
Yvonne Ridley
Charlie Veitch
Tony Farrell

etc etc

The Antagonist said...

I knew I'd seen Farrell somewhere before!

Stef said...

My first reaction on encountering Tony was very Donald Pleasance based, with a soupçon of Gerry Anderson for some reason

Same difference

paul said...

Who loves ya, Tony

Stef said...

He definitely should pick up a cat and a Nehru jacket before doing any webcasts

KingofWelshNoir said...

I thought the Okehampton bombing was a MOSSAD op?

paul said...

Don't think jonesy's heard of them, that's jeff's patch

Stef said...

I concur

As alluded to further up this thread I don't think that's AJ's designated target demographic

The Antagonist said...

"If you do watch it you have 24 hours to post a link on the Internet declaring what a flawless, divinely inspired product it is. Otherwise a demon eats you"

I failed on that front and have since been labelled, by a bit of a mentallist holed-up somewhere in China that goes by the name of funtiger(?!) as...

wait for it...

'The Antichrist'.

paul said...

Closely resembling 3 out of 4 screen blofelds simultaneously?.
What are the odds against that?
They must be,like, totally off the scale.
Its like a black swan with a 200 mile wingspan orbiting the moon.

Brenda said...

Stef, don't know if or your readers've seen this taxi driver before. I'm usually last to know. Jic:

B x

Stef said...


"They must be,like, totally off the scale. Its like a black swan with a 200 mile wingspan orbiting the moon."

Don't be surprised if you see that line recycled on several occasions


New to me, ta

These must be confusing times for taxi drivers

Not sure about putting Greenpeace in charge tho'

and, strictly speaking, it should be a black cab and we should only see the back of his head


Stef said...

"wait for it...

'The Antichrist'. "

Antagochrist would be better

paul said...

Don't be surprised if you see that line recycled on several occasions

Feel free, its in the public domain now

lwtc247 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stef said...

and there just passed one of those people who knows that ex(?)-police employees with inconsistent back-stories who appear from out of nowhere and say they're one of You now just have to be OK

I hope you like surprises

Stef said...

that would be the same person who was arguing here against my criticism of that other ex (sic.) insider, 7/7 Truth teller David Shayler, shortly before Shayler shaved his legs and announced that he was Jesus

KingofWelshNoir said...

If you read the story (From Veterans Today) with your gullibility goggles removed it really does appear to be a crock.

Take these two examples:

'He quickly realised that there was a great mass of evidence relating to 9/11 kept hidden by the mainstream media. As a Christian, Tony consulted his church minister, who suggested that he consider, whether the same might be true for the London 7/7 bombings.'

So it was his priest who alerted him to the fact that 7/7 might be a false flag!

And then he tells his boss, Detective Superintendent, the Director of Intelligence for the South Yorkshire Police, that 7/7 and 9/11 were false flag ops designed to introduce a One World government and what does his boss say?

'Tony, you and I will never get them to tell the truth’, came the philosophical reply, ‘we are mere foot-soldiers of the government.’

So his boss is a covert Troofer too!


Stef said...

Great big, round, hairy ones

Bridget said...

Tony Farrell achieves mass media recognition:

The Sun

Christopher said...

Shame on journalists that are told what to write rather than investigating 7/7 themselves. If one sees the free DVD on the net, one would only conclude that it is most certainly an inside job! Wake up people!

CS said...

Comic though this story may seem, infiltration of at least 90% of the alternative sites covering the story seems to have been achieved.
I suppose this provides a sort of Litmus test of alternative media site credibility. In future we can add, for example, and to the string of alternative media sites not worth reading.

But what is the point of the infiltration, assuming that that is what this is? How will it end? Will Tony be humiliatingly exposed as a dupe or a fraud? Or is it the infiltrator's role to get close to conspiracy theorists and then, what: Let the air out of their car tires; Mark them down as unfit for government service; or what?

What is this about?

CS said...

But sorry,I see you answer my question in your next post.

Stef said...

Here's a slightly redacted provisional list I sent to someone I was discussing the issue with in private last week...

- to amplify the alternative narratives, red herrings and false trails laid by certain 7/7 'researchers'

- to serve as a distraction and potential source of embarassment by way of Farrell's hearing. It's not hard to imagine X turning up as an 'expert' witness and making a spectacular prat of himself

- to act as bait for potential whistle blowers

- to become a regular talking head on the conspiraloon circuit and engage in a spot of cognitive infiltration

- to become a regular talking head on the conspiraloon circuit and then be exposed as a religious nutcase and/or transvestite and/or kiddie fiddler

- all of the above and more