Monday, January 21, 2008

Remind you of anyone? Will it ever end?




etc etc



Merkin said...

You bastard Steff, you beat me to it.

Still, it shows I am not the warped loser that Clarence tells me I must be if I don't believe every word he says.

Stef said...

You bastard

one tries one's best

Anonymous said...

Wow. Looks like you had busy weekend. What's with the fixation on a stupid villain sketch?

You have an amazing sense of irony and humor, Stef. I can't get enough of it. But sometimes you lose me just a little.

And perhaps sometimes you disappoint me just a little. I recently told a friend, in describing your blog work that you have a "supreme and mature sense of irony, and a wicked wit." Maybe I should reconsider the 'mature' aspect, or at least qualify it.

No denigration intended. Your work is still amazing, and unparalleled in your own style.

...and this coming from a yanquee.

oh, and about the Brazilian gameshow...

Stef said...

What's with the fixation on a stupid villain sketch?

If you don't know already - you really don't want to

The nearest US parallel I can think of is the media circus that accompanied the JonBenet Ramsay case but this story is potentially even darker

Stef said...

all accusations of lapses into immaturity stand though ;)