Wednesday, November 28, 2007

People who should avoid going for long walks in the woods #438 - David Abrahams

David Abrahams

For anyone keen to keep an eye on latest developments in the controlled demolition of the UK government (Lord Patel and, dare I say it, Paul Staines and his pack of rabid commentators seem to be doing a pretty good job on that front at the moment) may I recommend spending a couple of minutes brushing up on how politics in the US works; particularly the role played by Political Action Committees (PACs) and one PAC in particular. There's an outside chance that it might prove to be relevant here

And no, I don't think Hitler was cool



paul said...

I think father abraham will be safe enough, it's not like he goes around suggesting al k da is just a list of western sponsored killers.

Stef said...

/ struggles to figure out who paul is talking about

Stef said...

/ but not for very long

Anonymous said...

Intended to post the following link as a simple blog note. As in, not entirely relevant but may be of personal interest to Stef 'cos of his Italian interests.

Anyway, it is some bird's PhD thesis about the Invisible, or Parallel government in Italy.

It's beginning to appear as though the document is very relevant (if only by analogy). "Rosella Dossi ITALY’S INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT" 60 page pdf document.

Stef said...


as I'm a fully paid-up Conspiraloon who believes that all of this stuff is connected to one degree or another I think it's perfectly relevant

thx for the link...

Anonymous said...

Ooooh anon (28 November 2007 11:08) Juicy. Thank you vey very much.

1) Italian Parliamentary findings and other state documents c/o
(Ministero dell'Interno)

2) Daniele Ganser's book
"NATO's Secret Armies"
(p.s. interview here: (
another here:

3) BBC 2 timewatch series

4) The Antagonist's hosting of "On Terrorism and the State, by Gianfranco Sanguinetti"

5) Now this!

Great. It's yet another sunny day conspiraloonland!

Your MAD! you are!"

Anonymous said...

lwtc247 - thanks for the links in response to my note. (Some of them I was aware of, others not).

anon (28 November 2007 11:08)

Anonymous said...

There's a not so nice little conspiracy called 'Operation Pliers' here.
I wonder if the recent c4/john sweeney hit pieces have been part of the softening up process.
On second thoughts, I don't wonder at all, especially about that fat cunt sweeney.

Stef said...

There are many who would maintain that Sweeney is an objective, principled journalist who doesn't engage in the production of hit pieces or irrelevant filler

I am not one of them

And what better time to revisit that clip of John Sweeney - obviously suffering from the tremendous strain of trying to warn an astonished world that scientologists might be a little fruity...

Anonymous said...

Rosella Dossi (see comments above) talks about elitism in her thesis:

"My hypothesis of the existence and working of the Invisible Government has elite theory as one of its bases. That is, it presupposes the existence of a class believing itself more suited than the rest of the population to rule. This premise takes us into the debate about “where power lies”. Is power spread out among many different and competing agents, as Dahl argues, or is it in the hands of an elite — or several competing elites — as elite theorists argue (Mill, Dornhoff, Mosca, Pareto, Miliband, and Lukes, among others)."

On this basis, the boy Milliband is on the 'phone to his fellow elite chums in the Sudan, "Lads, yer not brutal enough. Our psyop folks say that you can get away with flogging her. That'll get this Abrahams scandal out of the headlines. You don't have to go as far as doing a Ken Bigley. I mean, we're not trying to undermine the largest demonstration in the history of Britain, just trying to rearrange headline order for a week or so."

Ooops, silly me. I mis-spelled the boy Miliband's name with two Ls rather than one. Of course, when re-reading the Italian chick's note, she references a Miliband, in support of her 'elitist' analysis. Scrolling to the end of her thesis, we find that the reference is to,

"Miliband, R. (1969), The State in Capitalist Society, London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson."

Mmmm, Miliband, R. Who he, I wonder? Well, wikipedia has it that there's a Ralph Miliband, and one of his most notable works is, 'The State in Capitalist Society'.

This chap Ralph had two sons ... guess what became of them. (If only Lombardi were still alive).

Anonymous said...

ps re the Rosella Dossi note and elitism, above.

I got carried away, I only wanted to point out that Shakespeare was an elitist in the Dossi sense, (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (sp?)), but got distracted by the Miliband thing.

Stef said...



The Italian stuff is sitting on the "To read" pile as I have been more than a little distracted by other goings on this week. I shall tuck into it shortly

and hasn't David Mil(l)iband been quiet over the last few days...

thanks again