Friday, August 10, 2007

The Controlled Demolition of David Shayler?

I think most people who pass through this blog will have some conception of who David Shayler is

David has been working very hard in recent years to become a de facto spokesperson for the British based 9/11 'Truth movement' and for people who have doubts about the official narrative of the July 7th bombings

(though he is nothing to do with the July 7th Truth website and forum and has never, to my knowledge, been endorsed by the folks over there)

The thing about David is that he's always come across as being a little, er, dodgy and there are many of us in Conspiroworld
who believe that there's no such thing as an 'ex' Meye5 operative. Bit by bit, David has been mixing 7/7 and 9/11 with Crop Circles, Ancient Sumerian tablets, Space Aliens and any other old toss he can come up with

On top of that David has received more than his fair share of access to the mainstream media - and there is another absolutely fundamental Conspiraloon
maxim which states that any 'conspiracy theorist' who gets on telly a lot is definitely a knob

So, imagine my complete and total lack of surprise to discover, via Lord Patel's blog, that Shayler appeared on More4 News last night claiming to be Jesus

David Shayler - reportedly the victim of a catastrophic collapse even though he wasn't struck by any aircraft

The tributes on Shayler's wikipedia page are already appearing, and disappearing, thick and fast...

Sadly, I was otherwise engaged and missed David's appearance but Lord Patel's post is corroborated by a
couple of snippets I found in the
Times Online...

"David Shayler, the whistle-blowing former spy who chose to denounce the security services on television while wearing a Middlesbrough Football Club shirt, is long overdue an image makeover. People was delighted to be in attendance, then, when he attempted just that at the Glastonbury Symposium, a lecture on Investigating Crop Circles and Signs of our Times lecture at Glastonbury Town Hall.

Shayler announced to a bewildered audience that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, King Arthur and Leonardo da Vinci. As he neared the end of his hour-long talk, in which he repeatedly declared his divinity, he raised his arms like a Somerset equivalent of Christ the Redeemer. As rebranding exercises go, it rivals even David Icke’s elevation to the deity from goalkeeper for Coventry City."


"On Tuesday this page reported, perhaps a little dismissively, that David Shayler (the whistle-blowing ex-MI5 officer) had declared himself the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, King Arthur and Leonardo da Vinci.

Shayler himself now gets in touch to set the record straight. “I’m afraid I didn’t claim to have been Jesus or to be ‘divine’, as you suggest,” he writes, patiently. “The Jesus of the New Testament is an archetype. His name derives from the 13th Name of God in Qabalah, which helps activate the Messiah consciousness within us. I was, though, crucified with a crown of thorns and nails when incarnated as Astronges, a Jewish revolutionary put to death by the Romans at around the end of the last century BC . . . It would therefore be good karma for you to correct the wrong impressions you have given in your article.”

Obviously this is a different claim entirely, and not nuts at all. We do apologise for any embarrassment caused."

Of course, the only problem with setting up Shayler
to become a spokesperson for 7/7 scepticism and then imploding him publicly as a means of discrediting everyone with doubts about 7/7 is the fact that Shayler has always been a bit suspect and few hardcore 7/7 sceptics have ever taken him seriously

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga over at the extremely popular 'liberal, progressive' US website Daily Kos who appears to be taken very seriously by his readers.

It turns out that Zúniga is probably another one of those 'ex' intelligence service guys 'who saw the light'; setting up the Daily Kos in 2002, shortly after a stint with the CIA.


There's a lot of this kind of bullshit going on these days


edit: it's only been up on blogger for 20 minutes but this post is already the Internet's No.1 destination for news about David Shayler claiming to be Jesus...

If anyone stopping by actually has any additional information I'd be grateful if they would share....


edit: Shayler's appearance on More4 News now available on Google (thanks B.)...

see also - '
I'm God, says renegade spy David Shayler' in the Daily Mail, complete with mandatory photo and references to David Icke


edit: a couple of images I originally downloaded to illustrate this post but didn't manage to work in. Waste not want not...

Yet another White man with a God complex

Amanita Muscari

and if David Shayler really isn't consciously trying associate 7/7 and 9/11 scepticism with bizarre behaviour I sincerely wish him all the best in getting his shit together



The Antagonist said...

"... and he doesn't look like a thing like jesus."

The moral of the story is, if you're going to hole yourself up in the forest and eat a load of 'shrooms, don't have any high profile events at which to speak for the next few weeks or months.

Still, anyone looking to ex-appendages of the State to fix any part of the corrupt beast that sustained their way of life was always going to come a cropper at some stage. Mr Shayler has been very well groomed and cross-media marketed for the last couple of years and the reason has now been revealed.

In the interview Shayler said, "I'm here to help teach people."

The boy Shayler has started well with the education process.

"The problem with always being a conformist is that when you try to change the system from within, it's not you who changes the system; it's the system that will eventually change you." -- Immortal Technique

Anonymous said...

I dunno, but at the same time, if you do become a prominent 'truth' movement persona, with access to the MSM, you can bet your last pair of underpants that some dirt's gonna be dished, or does anyone think otherwise?

He denies the claim and there's just the teensiest suggestion that the latter part of the denial involved a smidgeon of humour.

He's proved a good gateway for people to realise there is a 'truth' movement out there.

Dont throw him to the wolves just yet.

- lwtc247

Anonymous said...

One more thing. I've never heard him claim to be associated with J7 or that he is the official voice of the UK 'truth' movement. In fact, when I've heard him speak there has been a complete absense of such statements. Just as I don't represent any sector of the the 'truth' movement and may or may not believe in for example skull and bones / masonry or links to the ancient world that still resonate with us today, that does not mean any other beliefs anyone deems as barmy doesn't discredit "the movement" as I don't believe it all or nothing, more like pic'n mix.

Anyone got Davids e-mail? I'd like hear what he has to say minus the MSM coloured lens. Ta ta.
- lwtc247

ziz said...

Perhaps it should be pointed out that this was Lord patel's excursion into the wilder shoresof hard core news peddled via Channel4 More 4.

That David the Messiah was so refreshingly honest about his divine mission and the powers afforded him, naturally added to the credibility of Channel 4 as a serious news organisation.

Perhaps it should be publicly stated that we are a convert to More4 - it does exactly what it says on the tin.

You can see the show repeat here

...recommended viewing position - on knees clutching whatever is your Holy Book.

Incidentally no sign of his pouting girlfriend the "ex" MI5/6/7/8/9/ Anne Machon. used to find him but you will have more chance via your local shaman / priest as apparently he works as a channel for the spirit of Mary Magdaleine and it is unlikely she has a PC.

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling that exact e-mail addy would be offered. I'll send him an e-mail soon - just hope he sees it through the obvious high quantities of spam!

Cheers for the link, I'll check it out soon. He may well think these 'Jesus' things, but remember, half-man half-biscuit is still half man. Eat the biscuit leave the man.

- lw

Stef said...


The reason why I explicitly mentioned that he has nothing to do with J7T is because the last time I wrote a post about DS a couple of regular members of J7T went to great pains to point out that he was not associated with their group - why that should be you'd have to ask the J7T members

Stef said...

re. any explicit claims for being the spokesperson for UK 'Truth' movements. No, he never has made such a claim and if he had he would have been torn apart. He, however, been effectively used as such by the mainstream media

I too entertain some pretty marginal ideas about all sorts of issues past and present but I would never, never mix in them in with a discussion about 9/11 or 7/7 on mainstream TV or the press. DS has. And it's also worth asking how much original thought or research DS has put into 9/11 or 7/7

The US Truth movement has been regularly imploded by characters who have behaved in a similar fashion to DS. I'm not advocating throwing him to the wolves - he seems to be doing a pretty good job of doing that for himself

Whether DS consciously realises the kind of harm he could do or not is open to discussion but the results are the same either way

Stef said...

...aside from numerous TV appearances DS has also appeared in Alex Jones videos and interview and has narrated internet distributed documentaries on 7/7 and the BBC's rubbish 9/11 expose

whether he claims to be or not a lot of work has gone into setting up DS as the face and voice of UK 'Truth' movements

...and then he goes on the box and claims to be the reincarnation of King Arthur

Oh dear, oh dear

I enjoyed Quantum Leap as much as anybody but really...

and for a classic lesson in undermining yourself - first winning over an audience then losing them at the very last minute by saying something extremely bizarre it's always worth watching The Master in action...

Bridget said...

Hi Stef

You're right to say that DS aka 00heaven is not linked to the July 7th Truth Campaign.

You can catch him on Google

No doubt the moral of the story is:

You question the establishment
Become a conspiracy theorist
End up a nutter believing you're the Messiah

Well this has been the trajectory of the two most well publicised advocates of 9/11 Truth. Strange that.

Be warned, don't start asking questions, look where you'll end up!

Stef said...


A recent article on the subject of Discrediting By Association...

Anonymous said...

@stef 11:40 AM

@ 11:50 AM
Maybe he does deserve it, I dunno 'cos I've still not had a chance to watch what he said yet, but this whole thing seems to be heading towards giving David a kick in the goolies, giving me a sinking feeling that we, people sceptical and fiercely critical of the Govt, are gonna destroy the "movement" more effectively by infighting, than what The Govt could ever hope to do. After All focusing on Dave's supposed Jesus complex is exactly what the pro-narratives do to us; picking up something, anything!, that they can build a straw man from.

Does Dave’s possible breakdown or whatever, mean that all he said and did to expose the lies goes down the bog? No. Haven’t many of us experienced this kind of think to know we still come out fighting, still able to bend a few ears? It merely reinforces the attitude of the no-hopers who already who call us loons. Does it actually quantifiably hurts 'our' position or our ability to highlight the lies and let (try to let) others know? I don’t think it does. We've survived the onslaught and making gains! Even in the US their 9-11 movement is.

"I'm not advocating throwing him to the wolves" - sorry the term I used was far too strong, but 'Wag the finger' is understating it.

"he seems to be doing a pretty good job of doing that for himself" Yes, possibly.

" I would never, never mix in them in with a discussion about 9/11 or 7/7 on mainstream TV or the press. " This may seem like a contradiction of the above, but Yes, this IS the most sensible approach. Don’t hand them the straw, to build that straw man and this is exemplary of the way the superb J7 team have gone about things. Dave would be better to keep these things away from 7-7 but hey, if you think you're Jesus... well... you know... ;)

"{Dave’s} original thought or research DS has put into 9/11 or 7/7" - hard to say. His rebuff of the BBC hatchet job was admirable I felt.

I agree DS seems to have been elevated as a 'spokesperson' which isn't so good as I believe any such 'title' should be from a group of people like yourself, and, Kier, Bridget etc. After all, Rachel North was somehow "elevated" too! 'nuff said.
Having said I've just come across this on the Truthseekers site...
"His address was covered in the local newspaper, the Bristol Evening Post, but thus far none of the national media have reported it."

If the plot to elevate him was real, he's ignored a wee bit too much, much to the pleasure of pub landlords who offer facilities small enough to cater for the number of people David is able to muster up.

"reincarnation of King Arthur...Oh dear, oh dear", Well yes, LOL. My defence is wearing a bit thin!

Hummmmmm... Well... nothing we can do I guess, although I still think some PR advice to Dave might be useful. Will try when I've got time. Got an e-mail from: I'll try and text him first as he's put his phone number up there too.

Gotta zoom.

Thanks for the discreditation link. I know the tactics, not so much the exact specifics. But the armour will come in hands.

Cheers for the responses, and Hi to Bridget too :)

Regards to all. gotta rush...
- lw

Stef said...

Interesting Mushroom facts #248...

In contrast to hallucinogenic mushrooms of the Psilocybe, Amanita muscaria is rarely consumed recreationally. It is unscheduled in the United States. Any sales of A. muscaria for human ingestion are regulated by the FDA. Most other countries do not have laws against the use of A. muscaria, as it is currently legal and un-controlled under UN international law. However, following the outlawing of Psilocybin containing mushrooms in the UK, an increased quantity of Amanita mushrooms began to be sold and consumed.

The active ingredient is excreted in the urine of those consuming the mushrooms, and it has sometimes been the practice for a shaman to consume the mushrooms, and the rest of the tribe to drink his urine: the shaman, in effect, partially detoxifying the drug (the sweat- and twitch-causing muscarine is absent in the urine). This was also not an uncommon practice in Siberia, where the poor would consume the urine of the wealthy, who could afford to buy the mushrooms. If a fly agaric is eaten, it is usually not fresh, but in its dried or cooked form, where ibotenic acid is converted to the more stable and far less poisonous muscimol.

Stef said...


I totally agree about trying to avoid in-fighting.

Let's just call this post an exercise in disassociation from DS's latest public statements

Bridget said...

The active ingredient is excreted in the urine of those consuming the mushrooms, and it has sometimes been the practice for a shaman to consume the mushrooms, and the rest of the tribe to drink his urine: the shaman, in effect, partially detoxifying the drug (the sweat- and twitch-causing muscarine is absent in the urine). This was also not an uncommon practice in Siberia, where the poor would consume the urine of the wealthy, who could afford to buy the mushrooms.

Is this where the term 'getting pissed' originated?

Stef said...

I'm not sure

though the etymology of the expression 'taking the piss' is very possibly shroom related

Stef said...


From the Glastonbury Symposium organisers, 2 August 2007:


Many people are now aware of David Shayler’s rather extraordinary claim to be the new Messiah at the Glastonbury Symposium on Sunday 29th July 2007. This was an unexpected development, and David had given no hint of this when he spoke with Symposium organiser Andy Thomas just a week and a half before the event.

The Glastonbury Symposium usually sells recordings of its lectures to attendees of the weekend conference. After consultation with concerned parties, and compassionate requests from several directions, it has been decided, in the light of David’s announcement, to withhold both the DVD and audio release of his contribution. Thus the DVD and CD of the Symposium Sunday evening will contain Ian Crane’s excellent lecture, but not David Shayler’s following presentation.

Our reasons for doing this are not to do with censorship, but rather out of respect to David and the causes he supports. It was clear to most of those present at the Symposium that, whatever the truth or otherwise of his claims, what was witnessed was the testimony of a man in deep personal trauma. We feel it is unfair that this performance should be shared widely at this time. It is also inevitable that David’s current crisis will be used by outsiders to discredit the good work he has done thus far in political truth arenas, and we want to limit the extent of such damage.

What David himself wishes to reveal elsewhere about his contribution to the Symposium and his new claims is a personal choice on his part and beyond our control. We wish him well in his continuing mission to find himself and his true role in the scheme of things, and we honour what are clearly good intentions. However, we feel it is not appropriate that we should play a part in spreading availability of an aspect that David may, in more balanced times, wish to play down later.

We thank people for their understanding.


Merkin said...

Could that be a piece of tail-fin he is wiping out of his hair in the first photo?
Further inquiry in order.

Stef said...


In answer to that question you asked underneath an earlier post...

Can anyone give me something definitive on the dangers of a National DNA database?

Particularly, something which shows false positives as leading to miscarriages. I am in conversation with a 'if it clears up one rape after 20 years.....' person.


That 'if it clears up one rape after 20 years' argument is a nonsense and variations of it can and have been used to justify virtually any kind of repressive rubbish

It's a cliche but no-one with half a brain has ever claimed that freedom was free

Living in a relatively free society will always mean that you face higher risks of other citizens doing you harm than if you lived in a more 'policey' state

but living in a more policey state carries it own risks and they are a potentially a lot more systemic and wide-reaching than having the occasional nutter or rapist avoid capture

I think the National DNA sucks arse and would still think so even if someone could prove that it would be 100% reliable

So, personally I wouldn't play the potential miscarriage of justice card and wouldn't bother digging out any examples

Nor would I pursue the very valid high cost vs. relatively little benefit argument that can be leveled at our government's pet national database projects. Again, because I would think they suck arse even if they came for free

What I am worried about is deliberate abuse of such a system. Until those who govern us are subject to the kind of transparency and punitive accountability that our government directs at us ordinary citizens I will always be opposed to it.

Ultimately, if someone doesn't share the kind of concerns that I have and they want to be included on such a database that's peachy for them. Me, I don't want my genetic code being recorded in some shadowy, poorly-regulated database and will resist its continued implementation


Alternatively, why not ask matey if national databases are such fucking cool thing why is it the government is all set to establish a two tier system for its national Children Index based on whether a kid's parents are rich and famous or not?

Merkin said...

Stef, I am with you on all that.
The family member who prompted my query is super intelligent but completely naive about political things - ie will, when she has time, take snapshots off Judy and Richard.
I want to do a bit on my blog, but want to do my version of the MerkinClunkingFist.
Have not seen anything definitive, that is all.
It's a funny one.
When the anti war stuff got done 4 years ago, they all went on the marches - with the exception of the husband.
He has a high profile job - as a Cabinet appointee, big time.
Scared because they knew the cameras were there.
Ok, understand that.
Yet, when i mention the subject they say 'well it is just rumour'
Painfull for me, coz I must say : 'they know, but when it suits them they must keep the mouth shut'
My father would be spinning in his grave.

Which was why I was looking for something particular.
Of course, I have looked.
Just haven't got something that clicked, Stef.

DE said...

Just heard him on radio 5 - thought it was the other mad David but with a strange voice

Merkin said...

Thanks, Stef, for the thoughts.

End of the particular conversation was the clincher.
Said person told me 'well, it doesn't affect me, in any case'
So, all the thoughts, like freedom, that we are so familiar with are not relevant here.
Drives you to despair when such a large proportion of the public don't even know the concept of 'in denial'.

Stef said...

@de - DS is copying DI's act so closely he's even talking about using his psychic powers to influence football matches

some originality please...

Stef said...


sorry if I babbled a bit and didn't offer any specifics I just have a bee in my bonnet about people being distracted with arguments about potential errors (or the cost vs. benefits) of systems that I am personally opposed to as a matter of principle. Once you've started arguing about the cost or the potential efficiency of a system you're already well on your way to being beaten. Supposedly principled politicians who should know better do it all the frickin time...

Stef said...

David God's interview on Radio 5 Live now available here...

and extracts from his as yet unpublished novel here...

Sophia said...


All those coincidences with those exes MI5-6 CIA RCMP found easily among 'terror groups' caught plotting or conspiracy theorists caught conspiring are too numerous to be pure coincidence. There are systematic attempts for discrediting any conspiracy accusation and the people who are behind it.

The Antagonist said...

DS is copying DI's act so closely he's even talking about using his psychic powers to influence football matches

I hope you realise these are all quite obviously hidden coded messages from the Messiahs.

DI and DS, aside from being the initials of the Messiahs, are the shorthand form of Detective Inspector and Detective Sergeant. This must mean something. To someone. Somewhere.

The Messiahs must be as authentic as they believe themselves to be, especially as DSDI is also the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. Coincidence? I think not.

Make way for King Tut.

Stef said...

/ awestruck