Friday, June 11, 2010

New BP Logo Contest

Of course, the really entertaining thing is that all these people getting onto the 'Kick BP Whilst It's Down' bandwagon could be playing into the hands of some very ruthless people indeed

Welcome to the mindfuck that is Advanced Conspiraloonery...

Trust no-one. Not even yourself

Blaming the oil companies for the world's ills is so 90's.

It's like blaming the gun when someone gets shot.



Neil said...

Can anyone explain why there are calls for David Cameron to get involved in this? BP is a private company, isn't it?

Isn't it?

Anon said...

It would be a good way for Obama to push the carbon tax and restrict drilling in the Gulf...

Didn't their own director sell off his stake in the company in advance? It seems like a false flag incident to me.

BP chief sold over £1.4 million of shares weeks prior to oil spill

BP buys Google, Yahoo search terms to lead people to its own oil spill press releases

Halliburton purchased cleanup firm 8 days before Gulf oil spill

Conflicts of interest abound with Gulf region judges

BP and Feds withheld video of oil rig disaster

And so on...

Hubris said...

here's my entry (fnarr fnarr) vote fer me!! :)
Hubris' entry to BP logo Competition

Hubris said...

. . .or here . . .

Hubris said...

Apparently the design experts were not amused and my design has been deemed 'not relevant to this contest' - which seems a little unfair as I thought a BP/Goatse-mashup was quite a precise summation of BP's contempt for the rest of the planet -PLUS I even went to the bother of opening a PayPal account for them to deposit my contest-winners loot - €200 - which I am positive I would have been sure to win, had I had not been so cruelly censored by TPTB

Stef said...


seemed perfectly relevant to me


yes, it is

and, there again, not really

its more of a merger of corporate and state power

now what's the word for that again? it's on the tip of my tongue...

Anonymous said...

Apparently criticising BP is being "anti-British". Gotta love fascism...

Hubris said...

@ steff:

obviously the gentlepersons overseeing competition entries do not share our highly refined appreciation for the subtle nuances at play, in the art of 'logo-relevance', Steff

Anonymous said...

$1 trillion mineral deposits found in Afghanistan

You can bet they'll be used to improve the Afghans' horrendous living conditions... worst infant mortality rate, nearly 25%, vast majority of people without access to clean water..

anon 22:41 said...

Hmmmm, the Halliburton angle is conspiralitious indeed.

But I'll hold for a while, as there's too much finger pointing going on to tell if the dots were there to be connected, of if they've been connected for us.

Having said that, if you look on a map, Uncle Sam is never too far from where oil comes out and transits, and where poppies grow and transit.
Can't get those oil fields far away for a while, it may be easier to get those closer to home.

I can't shake the feeling that the financial crisis was wanted, and that economical warfare is at play more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, seems my Afghan link got broken. Meh, it's been all over the news wires lately anyway, go ahead and search...

It'll be interesting to see whether other drilling projects in the Gulf are allowed to continue.

gyg3s said...

Interesting post from Denis Rancourt, Some Big Lies of Science.

Very interesting chap, well respected scientist and activist.

Has anyone noticed how we are being suckered into thinking that environmental science is some sort of left right dialectic?

This is quite a recent phenomenon (I think) which appears to have arisen as some fallout (damage limitation) from the climategate spat (again, I think).

Stef said...

I can't fault anything Rancourt has to say in that link and, yes, as his title says, they are only some of the Big Fibs

The subject of how and why these lies come into being, are promoted and are accepted is one that fascinates me and underlies much of what has been written about and discussed in this blog

IMHO we are now definitely in a situation where the mainstream treatment of science is directly analagous to the status acccorded to organised religion a few centuries ago

Think about any component of oppressive, organised religion and you will find a direct contemporary scientific equivalent...

holy books, saints, heretics, prophecies, articles of faith, terrible consequences of disbelief, eternal punishment etc etc

and I'm not just talking about global warming, many other fields of contemporary science are thick with it

Stef said...

and, yes, the left-right paradigm bullshit is another example of a howling fib that is widely propasgated with little in the way of criticism

yes, there are such things as left and right wing sensibilities

but, as 13 years of nu labour government have rammed home, there's are also such things as libertarian and authoritarian sensibilities interacting with the left vs. right thing

personally, I'd take a right wing libertarian over a left wing authoritarian any day

one is much likely that the other to endorse a police state, support oligarchs and generally get in my face than the other

Stef said...

...and going back to the left-right environmental dialectic, things are a lot clearer if you draw up the battle lines along libertarian vs. authoritarian lines

the anti-AGW brigade is laden with right wing shits who have political beliefs that disgust me

but, there again, the pro-AGW brigade is laden with right wing shits who have political beliefs that disgust me

but at least the the anti-AGW crowd are *libertarian* right wing shits

that, and there's the small matter of the actual science being with them

Stef said...

Liberty vs. Authority

that's where the action is going to be over the coming years

and already has been over the last 10-15

Anonymous said...

Apparently only a centralised monolith like the current welfare system can fix it has for the last er 60 years or so (read: greater inequality). I certainly don't remember getting much help from it when losing jobs in the past

I guess we're only poor if we live in mud huts without running water, electricity and with death rates like Iraq \ Afghanistan. The kind of extreme nonsense these statists come out with to justify the status quo disgusts me...

Anonymous said...


Osborne to give Bank more power

Chancellor George Osborne confirms he will give the Bank of England the key role in regulating the UK financial sector.

gyg3s said...

"IMHO we are now definitely in a situation where the mainstream treatment of science is directly analagous to the status acccorded to organised religion a few centuries ago "

I think that you'll find that Mr Justice Burton (secret conspiraloon) will agree with you if you read, Grainger v Nicholson. Here's a link to the Employment Law Blog which provides a link to a word document.

Half-way through we have,

"30. In my judgment, if a person can establish that he holds a philosophical belief which is based on science, as opposed, for example, to religion, then there is no reason to disqualify it from protection by the Regulations. The Employment Judge drew attention to the existence of empiricist philosophers, no doubt such as Hume and Locke. The best example, as it seems to me, which was canvassed during the course of the hearing, is by reference to the clash of two such philosophies, exemplified in the play Inherit the Wind, i.e. one not simply between those who supported Creationism and those who did not, but between those who positively supported, and wished to teach, only Creationism and those who positively supported, and wished to teach, only Darwinism. Darwinism must plainly be capable of being a philosophical belief, albeit that it may be based entirely on scientific conclusions (not all of which may be uncontroversial)."

A very interesting judgment IM(very)HO where Burton J gets it 99 percent right but falls down badly on that last 1 percent.

That aside, the point I wanted to make was the idea of treating a scientific belief as a philosophical (or religious) one.

gyg3s said...

"things are a lot clearer if you draw up the battle lines along libertarian vs. authoritarian lines,"

Or better,


Democrats vs. Republicans

Political Control: Shift from Vertical to Horizontal Duality

Which is explained in, "Symbolism of Control

Anonymous said...

I appreciate this article is from Dec 2009, but it does bring into stark contrast complaints about the jobless...

Bank bailout cost reaches £850 billion

Anonymous said...

Oil covering Pensacola Beach, FL. (June 23, 2010)

far out.

watching all those people in a line looking at the oil on the beach was kinda apocalyptic.

lwtc247 said...

A conspiraloon obviously... Welcome to the family :)

Illuminate NWO card game - 1995. Wow. Conspiralicious :p


lwtc247 said...

P.S. I think it was Gandalf not Saruman and the % ownership needs a wee tidy up. Nonetheless a good conspiraloon effort.