Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing Items Like This?

And in yet another shameless rip from Lord Patel's blog, this little snippet tickled me for some reason...

Per Amazon's "
What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing Items Like This?" on the page selling 'Mein Kampf'

Only 2%?


And on another subject not entirely unrelated to the works of Hitler and JK Rowling there's a another post on Lord Patel's blog that links to an Italian anti-SUV site which, in turn (hyperlinks being what make the Internet go round), links to another Italian site announcing that 8th September 2007 is going to be Vaffanculo Day...

There's a
Vaffanculo Day group up and running on Flickr where there's a whole
V for Victory, V for Vendetta, V for Vaffanculo thing going on.

The gist of
Vaffanculo Day seems to be that since the supposed collapse of the Fascist regime on 8th September 1943 Italian politics hasn't actually changed all that much and politically aware people are being asked to get together in town squares across Italy and discuss what they should do about it.

Hmmm, it's definitely worth a try but...

Whilst not discounting Italy's radical anarchist tradition for a second I'm also mindful of Italy's equally powerful post-war tradition for turning out some of the most pampered, most achingly superficial people on Earth. Not all of them of course. Just a lot of them

So yes, any event entitled '
Fuck You Day' does show promise but most of the people attending will be spending as much time checking each others' shoes out and wondering what their Mum has cooked for dinner as plotting the demise of contemporary fascism.

There's also the small matter that Italians virtually wrote the user manual on infiltration of political movements and false flag operations before Francis Walsingham was even a twinkle in his father's eye, which might go some way to explaining why so little has changed since 1943 or even, in some ways, 1543...

Long-dead sneaky English guy

Even longer-dead sneaky Italian guy


edit: As far as I can tell Vaffanculo Day and the V8 logo are in no way affiliated with the makers of this stuff

Just to make sure I've decided to join the Vaffanculo Day Flickr group and submit a selection of publicity images for the tremendously delicious, tremendously corporate V8 beverage range. I doubt very much if they'll still be there when I wake up...



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